Monoclonal Antibody Production

Monoclonal antibody therapeutics are rapidly evolving on a global scale. From PD to commercial production, Bio-Link reduces costs and increases efficiency for your monoclonal antibody production platform.

Monoclonal Antibody Process Development

A classic antibody production process typically comprises of two major stages: 

At different stages of the classic antibody production process, Bio-Link is capable of offering our customers reliable and efficient bioprocessing equipment and consumable solutions, ranging from single use bioreactors to chromatography resins, for their needs.

Upstream Cell Culture

Monoclonal Antibody Purification By Affinity Chromatography

Bio-Link offers a range of solutions for monoclonal antibody production, including:

Protein Purification

The downstream purification performance often directly affects the yield of bioprocess batches, and thus indirectly determines their cost and price. Bio-Link is capable of providing comprehensive, robust, and cost-effective protein purification solutions for biopharmaceutical companies.

Production Processes For Monoclonal Antibodies

The three-step chromatography process is a common method for downstream purification of monoclonal antibodies. In Bio-Link's solution, MaXtar ARPA affinity chromatography can be used to efficiently capture monoclonal antibodies and remove a large amount of HCP, fragments, viruses, HCD, and medium components through specific binding. Then, MaXtar Q anion exchange chromatography can be used to further purify the monoclonal antibody through a flow-through mode, which not only removes impurities such as proteins, aggregates, and endotoxins, but most importantly, removes viruses. Finally, MaXtar SP HR cation exchange chromatography can be used to remove impurities by a bind-and-elute mode, further removing HCP, shed Protein A, aggregates, fragments, and other isoforms.

Monoclonal Antibody Production Process

Bio-Link offers a complete range of chromatography resins:

In addition, Bio-Link is able to provide chromatography columns of different specifications for your antibody production needs, including small-scale laboratory development columns, pre-packed columns, and industrial-grade columns for large-scale commercial production.

Laboratory Column  Industrial Column  Prepacked Column

Laboratory Column                                Industrial Column                              Prepacked Column

Single-use Fluid Management 

Bio-Link offers a range of fluid management solutions for biopharmaceutical processes, including preparation, storage, transfer, and mixing of solutions.

Process Of Making Monoclonal Antibodies

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