Single Use Mixing System

Single Use Mixing System

Mixing efficiency is an important consideration in the biopharmaceutical process, and the choice of bioprocess mixer will directly affect the process performance. Bio-Link's unique single-use mixing system can meet a series of mixing needs from upstream to downstream in the biopharmaceutical process. The efficient and flexible bioprocessing single-use mixer can effectively help production personnel improve production efficiency and increase production capacity. The Bio Hub@ series disposable stirring system drives the disposable stirring blades in the stirring bag to rotate through a magnetic coupling motor, which can meet various needs such as liquid-liquid mixing, solid-liquid mixing, etc., and is suitable for medium configuration, buffer configuration, intermediate Product mixing, semi-finished product preparation, preparation mixing and other purposes.

Why Choose Single Use Mixing System?

Bio-Link's unique single-use mixing system can meet a series of stirring needs in the biopharmaceutical process from upstream cell culture to downstream purification. BioHub® bioprocess mixer has reliable functions, convenient operation, strong compatibility, and a wide range of volumes. It can simultaneously cover the application requirements of low shear force and high-speed mixing in different links of PD, pilot test, and production, such as: medium configuration, buffer Various application scenarios such as configuration, intermediate product mixing, semi-finished product configuration, preparation mixing, etc. Bio-Link's single-use mixer adopts a flexible modular design, and customers can match corresponding functions according to different needs, such as: temperature control, pH, cond, data management, etc., and our disposable mixers can also be highly complex customized according to customer needs.

FAQs of Single Use Mixing System

What are the competitive advantages of Bio-Link's disposable hardware solutions?

Bio-Link is committed to providing customers with complete solutions for biopharmaceuticals. Among them, the quality control of each production link determines whether Bio-Link can finally deliver high-quality final products to customers. Bio-Link has its own sheet metal workshop, which can control the quality from raw materials. High-quality product quality comes from a perfect quality control system. Bio-Link provides customers with high-quality bioprocessing products through 100% quality control.


Are Bio-Link devices compatible with consumables from other manufacturers on the market?

Yes. Bio-Link's disposable hardware devices are compatible with other manufacturers' consumables.


Has Bio-Link's stirring equipment been tested to verify efficiency?

Yes. Bio-Link has made the stirring efficiency of three representative solutions for the solutions commonly prepared by customers: including suspension type, sedimentation type, and viscosity.


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