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BioHub® MB Single-Use Mixing Bags

BioHub® MB Single-Use Mixing Bags are designed for common mixing applications in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals to facilitate lab research and process development. It can meet various liquid-liquid mixing and solid-liquid mixing needs, suitable for medium preparation, buffer preparation, intermediate mixing, semi-finished product preparation, and final pharmaceutical products mixing.


BioHub® MB Single-Use Mixing Bags are made of multi-layer co-extrusion films. The sterile storage bags are guaranteed very low gas permeability, excellent chemical compatibility and biocompatibility, and good physical strength. This ensures their safety in the preparation and storage of feed liquids in various biopharmaceutical processes. The impellers are designed with high-strength magnet and secondary coating, and complete tightness is guaranteed due to the whole coating of the magnet. The combination of the bags with different impellers contributes to efficient mixing. The flexibly designed mixing bags can be integrated with various types of sensors for online monitoring of pH, conductivity, and temperature. Also, it can be flexibly equipped with 2", 3", 4", 6", and 8" feeding ports to meet solid feeding needs.

Features of BioHub® MB Single-Use Mixing Bags

  • Simple installation and convenient operation.

  • Good stability, the single-use bioprocessing bag is composed of multi-layer co-extruded transparent film, with excellent mechanical strength, suitable for long-term mixing.

  • Good biological safety, the material-liquid contact layer is ULDPE copolymer, biologically inert material to ensure process safety.

  • Verify that the documents are complete.

  • Pipes, connectors and other components can be flexibly customized according to customer needs.

Importance of BioHub® MB Single-Use Mixing Bags

The mixing bag is an important part of the mixing and storage of materials in the disposable factory. As a professional supplier of bioprocessing products, Biolink provides convenient and efficient single-use mixing bags that meet the regulatory requirements for biopharmaceutical customers. BioHub® Disposable Magnetic Stirring Bags MB series are specially developed for the biopharmaceutical industry for liquid-liquid mixing and liquid-solid mixing in biopharmaceutical processes. The models are complete and can be customized according to customer needs.

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