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MaXtar HR Hydrophobic Chromatography Resins

Hydrophobic interaction chromatographic medium, which uses the difference in the nature and amount of hydrophobicity of different molecules under specific conditions to separate them. This series of chromatographic media can be well used for the separation and purification of a variety of biological molecules, such as: recombinant proteins, plasmids, viruses and virus-like particles, etc.


Features of MaXtar HR Hydrophobic Chromatography Resins

This hydrophobic resins has excellent scale-up performance:

  • The highly cross-linked agarose matrix has excellent rigidity, so it can achieve high process flow rate under low back pressure and improve process efficiency.

  • Fine particle size design, high resolution.

  • The hydrophilic base frame minimizes the influence on the hydrophobicity of the ligand.

  • Through chemical modification, it has excellent chemical compatibility and is resistant to CIP cleaning such as sodium hydroxide.

Specifications of MaXtar HR Hydrophobic Chromatography Resins

particle size
Max. back
Max. flow
QuantityProduct code
MaXtar Phenyl HRUltra-strong
400.560025 mL1045-1811
100 mL1045-1812
500 mL1045-1813
1 L1045-1814
5 L1045-1815
10 L1045-1816
20 L1045-1817
MaXtar Octyl HRStrong
400.560025 mL1043-1811
100 mL1043-1812
500 mL1043-1813
1 L1043-1814
5 L1043-1815
10 L1043-1816
20 L1043-1817
MaXtar Butyl HRWeek
400.560025 mL1041-1811
100 mL1041-1812
500 mL1041-1813
1 L1041-1814
5 L1041-1815
10 L1041-1816
20 L1041-1817

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