Single-Use Bioprocess Products

Single-Use Bioprocess Products

Single-use bioprocess technology products have the advantages of flexibility and safety. Its appearance greatly promoted the development of the production technology of biological products. Dispensing systems and bags are an important part of material storage in a single-use plant. BioLink provides a convenient, efficient, and compliant single-use solution for biopharmaceutical customers. These systems are made up of a range of plastic support drums, stainless steel support drums, collapsible support drums, carts, transfer bases, and 2D and 3D disposable bag assemblies. They are suitable for a variety of application scenarios in production operations, providing customers with greater flexibility and mobility in fluid management.

BioLink uses world-class membrane materials and advanced multilayer co-extrusion technology to achieve ultra-low levels of dissolution and precipitation, ensuring the safety of pharmaceutical customers. Our products help customers save on verification costs.

Types of Single-Use Bioprocessing Products

Single-Use Mixing System
Single-Use Mixing System
Single-Use mixing system that supports the management of various biopharmaceutical liquids, ranging from 560ml to 3000L, including desktop mixing system, bottom mixing system, upper mixing system and supporting feeding and liquid storage system.
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Quality Assurance of BioLink's Single-Use Bioprocessing Products

BioLink has a complete production system of single-use hardware equipment and consumables. By integrating our product portfolio of hardware and consumables, we are able to provide our customers with high-quality, flexible and secure fluid management solutions. BioLink is committed to solving the difficulties in the supply chain of biopharmaceuticals from the source. Since the establishment of BioLink's single-use product manufacturing plant, it has successfully opened more than 1000 sets of molds, helping many large biopharmaceutical companies to smoothly transition the supply chain of hard-to-find products. While stably and effectively solving the thorny problems in everyone's supply chain, we pay more attention to the source innovation of products, so that our pharmaceutical equipment and consumables are based on competitive advantages. Until now, BioLink has acquired 13 innovative patents and more than 20 patents are being applied for.

The core competitiveness of BioLink's disposable products:

  • Innovative design, providing disposable products with high quality and excellent performance.

  • Independent production, flexible, fast, and robust solutions.

Single-Use Bioprocessing Products Using Steps

Single-use products, such as single-use bioprocess bags, are widely used in the fields of monoclonal antibodies, ADCs, vaccines, cell therapy and gene therapy. Antibody drugs are an important subdivision of the biopharmaceutical industry. Disposable technologies have been widely used and have gradually entered a period of stable development. While other new advanced therapies, such as mRNA vaccines, cell therapy and gene therapy, have entered a period of rapid growth. Due to the flexibility, speed and safety advantages of its process, single-use technology has become the first choice for many solutions in this field. From small-scale process development to large-scale commercial production, single-use bioprocess solutions can provide you with safe and reliable process assurance, such as culture medium preparation, cell liquid harvesting, harvest liquid clarification, buffer preparation, virus inactivation, virus removal, stock solution preparation and preparation filling. The many advantages of single-use products include:

  • Avoid cross-contamination and tedious cleaning validation.

  • Aseptic guarantee to ensure the safety of the process.

  • Automatic equipment to ensure the repeatability and robustness of the process.

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