BioLink Participation | 2021 5th China Bio-pharm Innovation Cooperation Conference

The 2021 5th China Bio-Pharm Innovation Cooperation Conference was held in Guangzhou during Nov. 4 to 5, 2021, attracting more than 900 industry representatives on the first day. As an important supplier of single use systems in bioprocessing in China, BioLink was invited to attend the conference.

At the conference, BioLink introduced to the audience a wide range of our localized single-use consumables and supporting equipment. At the scene, our consultants from the technology, product, and sales teams warmly received every guest with professional knowledge and reached cooperation intentions with some enterprises.

This conference consisted of four sub-forums: "The 5th Antibody Drug Development and Engineering Conference", "The 3rd Cell and Gene Innovation Therapy Conference", "The 5th Innovative Drug and Clinical Trial Conference", and "The 4th Small Molecule Innovative Drug Development and Cooperation Conference". The conference invited more than 100 keynote speakers from well-known enterprises, universities, institutes, and investment institutions.

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