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Chrom-LinX® Laboratory Scale Empty Chromatography Column

Chrom-LinX® laboratory scale empty chromatography column is a family of chromatography column designed for simple operation, high pressure resistance and flexible adjustment, which are suitable for process development, process verification, quality testing and preparative small-scale sample purification.


Please be advised that this product is only available for sale and after-sales support in certain regions. For further details, kindly consult with your local sales representative. Thank you for your understanding.

Features and Benefits of Chrom-LinX® Laboratory Scale Empty Chromatography Column

  • User-friendly design: Ergonomically design the components for easy grasping and handling

  • Clear view: Equipped with a measurement scale of glass tube for easy to predict and reach a predefined bed height and improving process reproducibility

  • High pressure resistance: compatible with common resins of different particle sizes allowing operation up to 20 bar* (2 MPa, 290 psi) pressure

  • Various sizes: Glass tubes with inner diameter (i.d.) of 10 mm, 16 mm, 26 mm or 50 mm, and bed height of 200 mm, 400 mm, 700 mm or 1000 mm provide a wide range of column volumes

  • High flexibility: Equipped with single/double adjustable capital for flexible expansion of column volumes

  • Easy to clean: Each component for easy assembling removing and cleaning

  • Compatibility: Supplied with tubing and connectors suitabling for a variety of common laboratory tomographic systems

Empty Chromatography Column

Fig 1. Chrom-LinX® laboratory grade empty chromatography columns

*The columns withstands pressures up to 7 bar (0.7 MPa, 101.5 psi) with 50 mm inner diameter.

Product Characteristics of Chrom-LinX® Laboratory Scale Empty Chromatography Column

Chrom-LinX® Laboratory Scale Empty Chromatography Columns are available in two designs: single adjustable capital and double adjustable capital. The design of single adjustable capital mainly consists of a adjustable capital, a chromatography column tube and a fixed capital. The design of double adjustable capital replaces the fixed capital with an adjustable capital to extend the column volume (Fig 2). 

Chrom-LinX® Laboratory Scale Empty Chromatography Columns are equipped with 10 μm net ring (5 μm net ring being also optional), which are compatible with common resins of different particle sizes.

Glass Chromatography Column

Fig 2. Components of the Chrom-LinX® laboratory grade empty columns

Chemical Resistance of Chrom-LinX® Laboratory Scale Empty Chromatography Column

Chrom-LinX® laboratory grade empty chromatography columns are made of biocompatible materials with good chemical tolerance. The columns can be used in aqueous solutions and almost all the organic solvents commonly used in liquid chromatography of macromolecules. The columns intolerant of chlorinated hydrocarbons, acetone and other ketones, aliphatic esters, and phenol. The columns are not allowed to use the solution containing more than 2 M NaOH, 1 M HCl, other strong mineral acids, or 75% acetic acid.




Adjustable capital


Column tube


Fixed capital




Support screen


Net ring



Large Glass Chromatography Columns

Fig 3. Details of the Chrom-LinX® laboratory grade empty columns

Instructions of Chrom-LinX® Laboratory Scale Empty Chromatography Column

Chrom-LinX® laboratory grade empty chromatography column may be used at temperatures from 4° C to 40° C and pressures up to 20 bar (2 MPa, 290 psi) with inner diameters of 10 mm, 16 mm and 26 mm, and 7 bar (0.7 MPa, 101.5 psi) with an inner diameter of 50 mm.

Always clean the column and components with purified water before using.

When packing the column, the double top cap can be rotated, and the threaded shaft moves axially. This operation makes the resins easy to compress. If necessary, column packing can be performed using either a packing tube (Fig 4) or an extra column tube attached with a packing connector.

Packed Column Chromatography

Packing tube operations of the Chrom-LinX® laboratory grade empty columns

Specifications of Chrom-LinX® Laboratory Scale Empty Chromatography Column

Empty column

Table 1. Parameter of the Chrom-LinX® laboratory scale empty column

Product code*Column**Column height (mm)Bed height (mm)Bed volume (ml)
2110-1111Chrom-LinX® 10/2002000-1550-12
2110-1112Chrom-LinX® 10/400400225-35518-28
2110-1122Chrom-LinX® 10/400P4000-3550-28
2116-1111Chrom-LinX® 16/2002000-1550-31
2116-1112Chrom-LinX® 16/400400225-35545-71
2116-1122Chrom-LinX® 16/400P4000-3550-71
2116-1113Chrom-LinX® 16/700700525-655105-132
2116-1123Chrom-LinX® 16/700P700355-65571-132
2116-1114Chrom-LinX® 16/10001000825-955166-192
2116-1124Chrom-LinX® 16/1000P1000655-955132-192
2126-1111Chrom-LinX® 26/2002000-1550-82
2126-1112Chrom-LinX® 26/400400225-355119-188
2126-1122Chrom-LinX® 26/400P4000-3550-188
2126-1113Chrom-LinX® 26/700700525-655278-347
2126-1123Chrom-LinX® 26/700P700355-655188-347
2126-1114Chrom-LinX® 26/10001000825-955438-507
2126-1124Chrom-LinX® 26/1000P1000655-955347-507
2150-1111Chrom-LinX® 50/2002000-1550-304
2150-1112Chrom-LinX® 50/400400225-355441-697
2150-1122Chrom-LinX® 50/400P4000-3550-697
2150-1113Chrom-LinX® 50/700700525-6551030-1285
2150-1123Chrom-LinX® 50/700P700355-655697-1285
2150-1114Chrom-LinX® 50/10001000825-9551619-1874
2150-1124Chrom-LinX® 50/1000P1000655-9551285-1874

* The specifications of the following item numbers are 1 per package

** The ''P'' after the column stands for equipped with two adjustable capitals

Packing tube

Product codeProduct nameNo. per pack
2720-100110 packing tube1
2720-160116 packing tube1
2720-260126 packing tube1
2720-500150 packing tube1

Spare and accessory parts

Product code *10mm16mm26mm50mmNo. per pack
Support screen2721-10012721-16012721-26012721-50015
Net ring, 10 μm2724-10112724-16112724-26112724-50115
Net ring, 5 μm2724-10522724-16522724-26522724-50525
Adjustable capital2730-10012730-16012730-26012730-50011
Column tube 200mm2731-10012731-16012731-26012731-50011
Column tube 400mm2731-10022731-16022731-26022731-50021
Column tube 400mm, P2731-10122731-16122731-26122731-50121
Column tube 700mm-2731-16032731-26032731-50031
Column tube 700mm, P-2731-16132731-26132731-50131
Column tube 1000mm-2731-16042731-26042731-50041
Column tube 1000mm, P-2731-16142731-26142731-50141
Fixed capital2732-10012732-16012732-26012732-50011
Union, 10-322726-10012726-10012726-1001-10
Union, 10-32 to 5-16---2726-100210
Union, 10-32 to M6---2726-100310
Union, 10-32 to luer taper2726-10042726-10042726-1004-10
Union, 3-16---2726-310110
Union, 1-8---2726-180110
Stop plug, male, 10-322727-10012727-10012727-1001-10
Stop plug, female, 10-322727-10022727-10022727-1002-10
Bi-pass, 10-322728-10012728-10012728-1001-10
Bi-pass, M6---2728-060110
Ferrules for 1/16"2725-16012725-16012725-1601-5
Ferrules for 1/8"---2725-18015
PEEK tubing, 0.75 mm i.d.2729-16012729-16012729-1601-2 m
PEEK tubing, 2 mm i.d.---2729-18012 m
Capillary tubing, 0.75 mm i.d.2733-16012733-16012733-1601-2 m
Capillary tubing, 1.6 mm i.d.---2733-18012 m
Accessory kit**2723-10012723-16012723-26012723-50011

* The "P" after the column stands for equipped with two adjustable capitals.

** The accessory kit includes 2 stop plugs (female), 2 union, 2 O-ring and 2 support screen (10 μm).

Chrom-LinX® Laboratory Scale Empty Chromatography Column Video

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