Protein Chromatography

Downstream BioProcess - Protein Chromatography

In the downstream separation and purification process of biopharmaceuticals, chromatography is one of the indispensable separation methods. Bio-Link provides customers with 5 different chromatography solutions, including gel filtration chromatography, ion exchange chromatography, affinity chromatography , hydrophobic chromatography and multimodal chromatography. In addition, Bio-Link also produces chromatography columns and prepacked columns from laboratory to industrial grade. We focus on providing customers with high-quality products, professional solutions and comprehensive after-sales services.

Types of Protein Chromatography

Multimodal Chromatography
Multimodal Chromatography
Multimodal chromatography combines the high resolution of ion exchange and the high salt tolerance of hydrophobic chromatography, so that the chromatography process can be loaded under high-salt conditions, with a higher operability space, suitable for Handle complex samples.
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Bio-Link's Protein Chromatography Unique Advantages

Bio-Link has a strong technical research and development team, and attaches great importance to the innovation and protection of independent intellectual property rights. The innovative research and development of chromatography media is reflected in the innovative green chemical spheroidization process, coupling methods and ligands. Bio-Link has a four-level document management quality system and comprehensive after-sales service, which can ensure the high quality of products.

The advantages of Bio-Link's new continuous production process of agarose microspheres include:

  • No toxic solvents

  • Can realize continuous production

  • Easy to scale up with no or short wash times

  • Low requirements on the place of production, which can reduce the dependence on the place of origin and processing of agarose raw materials

Bio-Link's Protein Chromatography Unique Advantages

Importance of Using Chromatography Media

Chromatography media play a crucial role in the results and efficiency of separations and purifications. In the biopharmaceutical process, the downstream of the production link needs to improve the purity and yield of the product through separation and purification to ensure product quality and stability. Breakthroughs and innovations in downstream separation and purification processes can improve biopharmaceutical production efficiency and reduce production costs. The development of chromatography media and its process plays an important role in bioprocessing.

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