wave bag cell culture
wave bag cell culture
wave cellbag

CytoLinX® WB Single-Use Cell Culture Bags

CytoLinX® WB series single-use cell culture bags are suitable for rocking cell culture systems and are designed for common cell culture applications in biopharmaceuticals. Can be used for scientific research, process development, commercial production operation. This product is irradiation sterilization product, disposable use, for cell growth to provide a safe and suitable environment. Available in a range of sizes to support cultures from 25ml to 25L. Includes basic cell culture bag, pH&DO cell culture bag, perfusion cell culture bag, pH&DO perfusion cell culture bag.


Features of CytoLinX® WB Single-Use Cell Culture Bags

Cell Culture Media Bags

  • Simple installation and easy operation.

  • Minimize the risk of contamination and cross-contamination between samples.

  • Good stability, the bag is composed of multiple layers of co-extruded transparent film, excellent mechanical strength, suitable for a long time cell culture process.

  • High cell density.

  • Good biological safety, material liquid contact layer is EVA copolymer, biological inert material, to ensure process safety.

  • Complete verification documents.

  • Reduce costs.

  • Can be used from 10° C to 50° C.

  • Maximum operating pressure: 0.1 bar.

  • Flexible customization of pipes, joints and other components according to customer requirements.

Permalife Cell Culture Bags

Specifications of CytoLinX® WB Single-Use Cell Culture Bags

Cell BagProduct CodeProductPackagingConfiguration Description
Basic cell bag 500mlDWB50D-S01Basic cell culture bag500 mL 4 linked bags5/pk①Air Filter
②Silicone 3/16 id *3/8 od*5 cm, needleless sampling valve
Basic cell bag 1L/2LDWB01L-S01Basic cell culture bag1L 2 linked bags5/pk①②Air Filter
③3C-Flex 1/8 id *1/4 od*100 cm, Luer female connector and plug
④Silicone 3/16 id *3/8od *5 cm, needleless sampling valve
Basic cell bag10L/20 L/22 L/50LDWB10L-S01Basic cell culture bag 10L5/pk①②Air Filter
③Silicone 3/16 id*3/8 od *5 cm, needleless sampling valve
④C-Flex 1/8 id *1/4 od*100 cm, Luer female connector and plug
⑤C-Flex 1/4 id *7/16 od*100 cm, MPCfemale connector and plug
DWB20L-S01Basic cell culture bag 20L5/pk
DWB22L-S01Basic cell culture bag 22L5/pk
DWB5OL-S01Basic cell culture bag 50L5/pk
DWB5OL-SS1Basic cell culture bag (Longer) 50 L5/pk

CytoLinX® WB Single-Use Cell Culture Bags Components

CytoLinX® WB cell bags are made of multi-layer co-extruded film materials, the material-liquid contact layer is EVA copolymer, which is widely used in the field of biopharmaceuticals, and the outer layer is a composite material with good flexibility, strength and very low gas permeability, suitable for common cell system culture.

ProjectsTest Value (>25KGy after gamma irradiation sterilization)Reference Standard
Haze89%ASTM D1003
Clarity31%ASTM DI 003
Transmissivity88%ASTM D882
Tensile strength17MPaASTM D882
Elongation at break800%ASTM D882
Secant modulus94MPaASTM D882
Lowest uncomfortable temperatureBelow -40°CASTM DI790
Density0.96 g/cm³ASTM D792
Moisture vapo transmission rate1.58 g/(m²-day) (23°C, 100%RH)ASTM Fl249
O2 transmission rate (OTR)3.40 cm³/(-day-0.1 MPa)ASTM D3985
CO2 transmission rate8.25 cm³/(-day-0.1 MPa)ASTM F2476
Subvisible particulateThe eluant meets the requirements of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2020 Edition of the Four General Principles <0903>Subvisible particulate (same as the requirements for subvisible particulate for large-capacity injection solution USP<788>).
Bacterial endotoxinsAccording to the Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2020 Edition of the Four General Principles <1143> bacterial endotoxins inspection (same as USP <85>) photometric method test, bacterial endotoxin content < 0.25EU/ml, in line with the requirements of large-volume injection.
HemolysisAccording to ISO 10993-4:2017, direct contact with human blood has no potential hemolytic reaction.
USP<87>BioLogical reactivity In-vitroNo potential cytotoxicity in line with USPv87>MEM elution test
USP<88>BioLogical reactivity In-vivoMeets the current USP<88> reaction test standards for grade VI plastics.
ADCFThe product does not contain animal-derived ingredients, and there is no risk of infectious statural spongiosus (BSE/TSE).
Quality systemThe product is manufactured in an ISO class 7 clean area in compliance with ISO 9001:2015.

The standard CytoLinX® WB Single-Use Cell Culture Bags contains the following components:

Wave Bag Cell Culture

Operating volume and hardware compatibility of cell culture bags

Volume of cell culture bagsMinimum-Maximum culture volumeMatching systemCorresponding tray
500 ml25 ml - 250 mlCytoLinX® WB25Tray 10/20
1 L50 ml- 500 mlTray 10/20
2 L100 ml-1 LTray 10/20
10L500 ml - 5 LTray 10/20
20 L1 L-10 LTray 20
22 L1 L- 10 LTray 50
50 L5 L-25 LTray 50

Verify file overwriting:

  • Aseptic test.

  • Endotoxicity test.

  • Completeness test.

  • Extractable test.

  • Chemical compatibility table.

  • Tested on a gamma-irradiated bag, biocompatibility complies with:

    1) ISO 10993-4: In vivo hemolysis study (extraction method).

    2) USP87: Cytotoxicity study (extraction method).

    3) USP<88> Class VI muscle implant test.

    4) USP88: Study on acute intradermal injection reaction.

    5) USP88: Acute systemic toxicity study.

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