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absorption column chromatography
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Motorized Chromatography Column

Electrokinetic axial compression column chromatography is the most commonly used and even necessary method for the separation and purification of biological macromolecules in drug development and mass production. LK-Auto series tomographic columns are easy to install, simple to use, safe and reliable.


Please be advised that this product is only available for sale and after-sales support in certain regions. For further details, kindly consult with your local sales representative. Thank you for your understanding.

Features of Motorized Chromatography Column

• Column tube is acrylic structure, clear vision, column bed position visible;

• Sanitary design, in line with GMP requirements;

• Material safety, in line with the regulatory requirements;

• Scientific design, no clean dead corner;

• Can be used for a variety of packing;

Specifications of inner diameter: 300,450,600,800,1000,1200 mm

• Height range: 550 and 570 mm

• Screen aperture: 10μm and 20μm are optional

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