weak cation exchange column
weak cation exchange column

Chromstar BB Resins for Ion Exchange Chromatography

Q/SP Chromstar BB is an ion exchange chromatography medium. It uses the difference in the nature and amount of charge of different molecules under specific conditions to separate them. This chromatographic medium is suitable for the separation of macromolecular substances, high impurity content or samples with huge volumes.


Features of Chromstar BB Resins for Ion Exchange Chromatography

Q Chromstar BB has high stability and performance, and can quickly process a large number of samples:

  • Large-particle-size resin column chromatography based on an agarose-based matrix.

  • With organic solvent resistance and good chemical stability.

  • Suitable for separation with large molecules, high impurity content, or large sample volume.

Specifications of Chromstar BB Resins for Ion Exchange Chromatography

ProductDynamic binding
particle size
Max. back
Max. flow
QuantityProduct code
Q Chromstar BB> 90 mg BSA/mL2000.3180025 mL1014-1141
100 mL1014-1142
500 mL1014-1143
1 L1014-1144
5 L1014-1145
10 L1014-1146
20 L1014-1147
SP Chromstar BB> 90 mg lysozyme/mL2000.3180025 mL1011-1141
100 mL1011-1142
500 mL1011-1143
1 L1011-1144
5 L1011-1145
10 L1011-1146
20 L1011-1147

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