BioLink Successfully Completes Series A+ Strategic Financing, Continues to Empower China's Bioprocessing with Innovation

Today, BioLink proudly announced its successful completion of Series A+ strategic financing at the beginning of the Chinese Loong Year. This round of funding, led by Asymchem, Bridge Hill Capital, Onehealth Capital, Bloomage Alan Fund, and Haiwang Capital, with continued investment from existing shareholders like InnoPinnacle Fund, Cathay Capital, and Sino Biological, has amassed a significant sum, totaling hundreds of millions of yuan. This robust backing from investors underscores their strong belief in BioLink's future and marks a significant milestone for the company.


BioLink is dedicated to conquering the technical bottlenecks in the bioprocessing industry, committed to providing customers with high-quality, innovative products and solutions, aimed at building an efficient, safe and competitive biopharmaceutical supply chain eco-system. The company focuses on the development and production of the key processing equipment and consumables used in the manufacturing of recombinant protein drugs, vaccines, antibodies, cell therapies, gene therapies, blood products and other biological products. BioLink's portfolio of offerings covers the entire upstream and downstream bioprocess such as cell culture, single-use mixing and storage, chromatography purification, filtration and ultrafiltration, as well as product validation and process development services.


BioLink places a premium on innovation investment, firmly believing that bolstering such investments accelerates the conversion of scientific endeavors and propels the continuous enhancement of products and solutions. In 2023 alone, BioLink has introduced 12 new product categories and undertaken numerous product upgrades, earning widespread market acclaim for its research and innovation capability. Presently, BioLink's products have been applied in numerous renowned biopharmaceutical enterprises worldwide, facilitating bioproduct research and production.


This financing round will further fortify BioLink's industrial capital, facilitating strides in product research and development, technological advancement, and international market expansion. Naturally, BioLink will remain steadfast in its original mission, committing to augment investments in research and development, elevate product innovation and competitiveness, and steadfastly tackle bioprocessing technical bottlenecks while continuously refining its product line. By furnishing higher quality, more stable, and competitive hard power, BioLink endeavors to aid biopharmaceutical companies in realizing cost reductions and efficiency enhancements.


Mr. Chen Zhi, Chairman of BioLink, expressed gratitude for investors' unwavering support and trust. He emphasized that this financing will furnish crucial financial support for the company's future development, hasten the advancement of its research and development projects, and contribute to the progression of China's biopharmaceutical industry. BioLink pledges to remain steadfast in its commitment to innovation-driven development and quality-centric principles, steadfastly pressing forward.


The successful completion of this financing round symbolizes BioLink's escalating influence in the research and manufacture of core equipment and consumables in bioprocessing. With the backing of its investors, BioLink is poised to achieve even greater milestones in the future, further linking to enable biotechnologies.

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