tffnova hollow fiber filter1
tffnova hollow fiber filter1
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TFFNOVA® Hollow Fiber Filter

TFFNOVA® hollow fifiber fifilter produced by SMAX is made of modifified polyethylene inkstone  (mPES), which is suitable for fifiltration of various processes in the pharmaceutical industry (such as biopharmaceuticals, chemical drugs, traditional Chinese medicine, etc.) and the food industry. It can provide stable and reliable fifiltration performance.  

TFFNOVA® hollow fifiber membrane made of modifified polyphenol is an asymmetric  structure. Its unique structural design can result in lower bioburden, lower non-specific adsorption, faster fifiltration rate, higher throughput, and shorter fifiltration time, so it is very suitable for the pharmaceutical and food industries.


Common applications of TFFNOVA® Hollow Fiber Filter

  • Lysate clarifification

  • Cell concentration, clarifification, diafifiltration

  • Purifification, concentration, diafifiltration of proteins  and nucleic acids

  • Virus purifification, concentration, diafifiltration

  • Liposome concentration and diafifiltration

  • Upstream cell perfusion culture

  • Inclusion body clarifification and renaturation

  • Nanoparticle Diafifiltration and Separation

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