Bio-Link's Second Generation Tube Sealer, Unleashing a "Light, Fast, Excellent, Efficient" Experience

With the increasing demand for disposable solutions in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, rapid and efficient sterile disconnection has become a key component of the overall solutions.

Based on customer needs and pain points observed in usage scenarios, Bio-Link has updated and iterated on its first-generation product. After more than a year of hard work by the R&D team and six months of market trials, the new generation of BioHub® Sealer, a fully automated aseptic tube sealer, has been successfully launched!


So what's new about this second-generation sterile sealer? Let's explore:

Faster and more efficient

Depending on the tube size and TPE brand, the sealing time ranges from 3 to 4.5 minutes. In addition, a new high-speed cooling mode has been added to the program to decrease sealing time, and the standard program supports tube sealing processes with anti-foaming agents.


Lighter and more portable

Extremely lightweight. The entire machine weighs only 4kg, which is 38% less in weight and 40% less in volume compared with the first generation.

More flexible

According to the scenario, the device can be placed in two forms: hanging or flat. When used in a hanging position, the screen can rotate, providing users with an excellent and user-friendly experience.


More reliable

With 4 levels of permissions, user management, audit trial, and other functions, it is more in line with regulations of data management.

More comprehensive

Strict VG testing and complete verification documents ensure the stability of each device after delivered from factory.

This brand-new second-generation sterile tube sealer not only optimizes performance but also pursues perfection in detail, aiming to bring you an unprecedented user experience.

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