microcarriers for stem cell culture
microcarriers for stem cell culture
microcarrier cell culture bioreactor
microcarrier bioreactor

Puredex® Cyto-1 Microcarrier

Puredex® Cyto-1 is a type of microcarrier based on cross-linked dextran matrix with positively charged groups. It can provide a broad adhesion surface for cells, thereby increasing cell density and achieving high yields. Such microcarrier makes it possible to change the way adherent cells are cultured, while making it easier to optimize the cell culture process to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Puredex® Cyto-1 microcarrier can be used for the culture of a variety of host cells, including 293 cells, Vero cells, and CHO cells.

With these unique properties, Puredex® Cyto- 1 microcarrier has become an indispensable material in today's extremely demanding upstream cell culture process, and plays an important role in the fields of biopharmaceuticals such as antibodies, vaccines, nucleic acids, enzymes, and recombinant proteins.


Advantages of Puredex® Cyto-1 Microcarrier

Puredex® Cyto-1,adopts the biocompatible cross-linked dextran matrix, exhibiting excellent cell culture performance:

  • Inert material: Provide a solid and reliable adhesion surface for cell culture

  • Resistance to stirring: Provide more room for optimizing cell culture parameters

  • Optimized specific surface area: Make it possible to further increase the yield

  • Transparent appearance: Help to observe the cell adhesion on the surface under microscope

Puredex® Cyto-1 Microcarrier

Figure 1. Growth of MDCK cells in Puredex® Cyto-1 (by microscope, 10X)

Specifications of Puredex® Cyto-1 Microcarrier

MatrixCross-linked dextran
Average particle size190μm
Specific surface area4,000 cm²/g dry weight
Number of microspheres4x106 cm²/g dry weight
Swelling coefficient20ml/g dry weight
Operational pH range2-12
Tolerable temperature range4~135°C
Chemical stabilityAll commonly used aqueous solutions and 75% ethanol

Ordering Information of Puredex® Cyto-1 Microcarrier

Product NameItem No.Specifications
Puredex® Cyto-11015-2211100g
All bottled or drum-packaged microcarriers are in solid particle form.

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