Continuously Ranked | BioLink Named One of China's Top 100 Life Science Service Brands

On November 3, 2023, the renowned media E Pharmaceutical Manager of China's medical and health industry officially released the list of "Top 100 Chinese Life Science Service Enterprise Brands" at the 15th China Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs, Scientists and Investors Conference. As a leading supplier of Chinese “intelligent” core equipment and solutions for bioprocessing, BioLink has been continuously selected as one of the top 100.

Continuously Ranked | Bio-Link Named One of China's Top 100 Life Science Service Brands

Ms. Wang Dongni (seventh from left), the marketing director, received the award on behalf of BioLink

The list of "Top 100 Chinese Life Science Service Enterprise Brands" was initiated by E Pharmaceutical Manager and lasted for three months. It adopted sampling research and invited the R&D, production, quality and other relevant director-level responsible persons of 40 enterprises such as Qilu Pharmaceutical and Hengrui Pharmaceutical to conduct research on the three dimensions of brand awareness of service companies, cost-effectiveness of cooperation, and service satisfaction, and obtained the final results. The purpose of this list selection is to select the most competitive Chinese life science service enterprise brands from many life science service enterprises, in order to provide more powerful support for pharmaceutical innovators.

As a core solution provider for Chinese "intelligent" bioprocessing, BioLink has a complete set of technical reserves and investment layout for biopharmaceutical equipment and consumables. Since its establishment, it has developed rapidly and has strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities. To date, it has launched a series of bioprocessing products and single use solutions for bioprocess including cell culture, single-use fluid management, chromatography purification, process filtration, hydration products, and verification and test services, which have been widely recognized by the market.

In terms of manufacturing, BioLink has multiple bioprocess equipment and consumables factories across the country. In June this year, the second phase of BioLink's chromatography resin intelligent manufacturing base in Lanzhou was officially put into operation, significantly expanding production capacity while achieving more than 85% automation production, optimizing product quality and batch stability, and further ensuring the security of the local biopharmaceutical industry's consumables supply chain.

Continuously Ranked | Bio-Link Named One of China's Top 100 Life Science Service Brands

Ms. Wang Dongni, the marketing director of BioLink, attended the award ceremony and said, "Thank you for the recognition of BioLink in the industry. This is a full recognition and encouragement of BioLink's products and comprehensive strength. China's biopharmaceutical innovation is in progress, and the ecosystem behind it is essential for achieving the overall goal of building China into a biopharmaceutical powerhouse. The company's goal is to create an efficient, safe and competitive local and international biopharmaceutical supply chain ecosystem, and to empower biotechnology with products and services made in China, so as to achieve infinite possibilities!"

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