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Cell culture is the first step in most bioengineering techniques, and the quality of cell culture products is of great importance. During cell bioprocessing, the pH value of the medium affects key metabolic pathways in cells, which ultimately leads to cell viability, productivity and post-translational modification. Whether the dissolved oxygen level is too low or too high, it will inhibit the growth of cells, affect the nutrient intake of cells, cell morphology, metabolite synthesis, etc., and eventually lead to slow cell growth and decreased production. Since the culture conditions required for different cell growth and product expression are not necessarily the same, some culture process parameters such as temperature, pH, and DO need to be designed and optimized to meet the purpose of high-density cell growth and high product expression. In order to further obtain higher cell density and yield, the perfusion process is currently particularly popular. There are many uses of perfusion culture, among which the high-density culture of N-1 seed cells is mostly used in 2D cell bags; and conventional perfusion culture for HEK293 or immune cells is used to increase cell density or virus production. To meet the above cell culture needs, BioLink has launched single-use rocking bioreactor and 50-2000 L Single-Use Bioreactor, as well as matching cell culture consumables. Our solution can meet the needs of pH and DO detection, perfusion culture of cell therapy, perfusion culture of N-1 seed cells and large-scale production expansion.

Types of Cell Culture Products

Cell Culture Bag
Cell Culture Bag
Single-use cell culture bags and cell therapy bags of various specifications, perfectly compatible with all kinds of bioreactors commonly used in the market
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Puredex<sup>®</sup> Cyto-1 Microcarrier for Cell Culture
Puredex® Cyto-1 Microcarrier for Cell Culture
Puredex® Cyto-1 microcarriers are a type of cross-linked dextran-based microcarriers with positively charged functional groups. These microcarriers provide a broad surface for cell attachment, thereby enhancing cell density and enabling high productivity.
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Automated Cell Culture System - CytoLinx® Single-use Bioreactor

CytoLinX® WB disposable wave bioreactor is easy to operate and perform well. It enables rapid scale-up and provides a robust single-use solution for process optimization. CytoLinX® BR is a single-use bioreactor system developed based on the DCS architecture. It adopts the logical structure of Siemens PCS 7, which can fully cover the use requirements from R&D to production and realize the self-control requirements from a single unit to the upstream whole plant. CytoLinX® BR covers different scales from 50L, 200L, 500L, 1000L to 2000L, and provides consumable solutions of microbubbles, medium bubbles, large bubbles and various combinations to meet the different culture needs of various cells.

Automated Cell Culture System - CytoLinx<sup>®</sup> Single-use Bioreactor

Cell Culture Products Using Steps


During the seed amplification stage, CytoLinX® WB wave bioreactor system can be equipped with pH&DO, perfusion and other functions, which can flexibly provide suitable one-time solutions for optimizing the process, and can meet the needs of customers to a great extent. CytoLinX® WB reactor can complete batch culture, fed-batch (fed-batch) culture and perfusion culture at this stage. In addition, the micro-volume CytoLinX® BR reactor can also be used for high-throughput screening experiments.

During the scale-up phase, the CytoLinX® BR stirred tank reactor can increase plant capacity and flexibility by reducing turnaround time, especially in the event of contamination, and reducing setup time. Additionally, using CytoLinX® WB Reactors enables faster implementation of design changes, allowing for continuous improvement and integration of new technologies. These advantages can significantly reduce costs and resource requirements, which are important considerations for bio-manufacturers.

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