Cell Culture Bioreactors

Cell Culture Bioreactors

In the upstream cell culture production process of biopharmaceutical, bioreactor is the most important production equipment. Single-use bioreactors can provide good scalability and can complete batch culture, fed-batch (fed-batch) culture, and perfusion culture. In addition, miniature single-use bioreactor system can be used to perform high-throughput screening experiments. Single-use technology offers significant advantages over traditional fixed plant equipment, reducing the overall cost of bioprocess manufacturing. Cell culture bioreactors have been successfully applied to mammalian cells, insect cell culture, and microbial fermentation. The types of drugs produced involved include antibodies, vaccines, recombinant proteins, cell therapy, and recombinant blood products. Until now, cell culture bioreactor vessels have been widely used in biopharmaceutical research and development, clinical sample production and large-scale commercial production.

Reasons to Choose BioLink Single-Use Bioreactors

BioLink's single-use bioreactor is very suitable for large-scale commercial production. Users can plug and control multiple reaction tanks through a single control cabinet, thereby greatly reducing costs. CytoLinX® BR series bioreactor adopts stable PCS 7 system, complies with ISA 88 control standard, and can realize plant-wide control. In addition, the software design of the product complies with 21 CFR Part 11, can be flexibly configured, and can be partially customized according to user needs.

The equipment performance of CytoLinX® BR series single use perfusion bioreactor is reliable and all have been tested at the factory to ensure stability. The corresponding bioreactor consumables have large bubbles, medium bubbles, and microbubbles at the bottom, which can meet various process requirements. As a leading manufacturer of bioprocessing products, BioLink provides customers with complete FAT, SAT, IQOQ documents and services. Our engineering team has extensive application and operational support experience and can quickly respond to your needs.

FAQs of Single-Use Bioreactors

Q What is the difference between a conventional bioreactor and a single-use bioreactor?


Compared with traditional reactors, single-use bioreactors have many advantages. Single-use bioreactors can be quickly introduced into laboratories and manufacturing facilities at pilot scale because installation, qualification, and personnel training requirements are lower. Additionally, cleaned and pre-sterilized single-use consumables provide greater reliability. Single-use cell culture reactors can also increase plant capacity and flexibility by reducing turnaround times——especially reducing setup times in the event of contamination. Since single-use bioreactors require significantly less piping, valves, and instrumentation, they also have a smaller footprint. Design changes can also be implemented faster using disposables, allowing for continuous improvement and integration of new technologies, such as online monitoring systems. Collectively, these advantages can significantly reduce the overall cost and resource requirements of bioprocessing, which is a key consideration for biomanufacturers.


Q Do single-use bioreactors need to be used with disposable consumables?


Yes. The disposable cell bioreactor must be used together with the supporting specifications of disposable consumables. CytoLinX® BR disposable bioreactor bag uses RENOLIT 9101 film, and the liquid contact layer is made of ULDPE, which has good biocompatibility and chemical compatibility. In addition, this type of material also ensures that the content of extractables is kept low. The ventilation base of the CytoLinX® BR disposable bioreactor bag contains 6 ventilation dial components, and the ventilation holes are available in 50um, 300um, 500um, 1mm and other specifications. The uniformity of the pore size is stable, and the ventilation combination can be freely matched, which is suitable for different processes. In addition, the 2000L agitator is made of engineering plastic Peek material, which has stronger hardness, and the N40E design has low shear force and short mixing time.


Q What are the advantages of BioLink's single-use bioreactor system?


BioLink has different cell culture bioreactor types, each suitable for different scenarios. CytoLinX® WB disposable wave bioreactor adopts functional block design, and the required modules can be freely selected to realize pH&DO function, perfusion function, ventilation function, etc. A single control cabinet of CytoLinX® BR single use stirred tank bioreactor can control multiple reaction tanks through plugging and unplugging, which can greatly reduce the cost. It adopts stable PCS 7 system, complies with ISA 88 control standard, and can realize whole plant control. In the jacket insulation performance test, when the Bio-Link bioreactor tank was powered off for 15 hours, the water inside the tank only dropped by less than 5 degrees. The insulation performance of the jacket of this product also ensures that the reactor can achieve high temperature control accuracy.


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