filtralinx virus filter holder2
filtralinx virus filter holder2
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FiltraLinX® Virus Filter Holder

The FiltraLinX® virus filtration system is designed to remove small viruses in the preparation of biological products. This system  mainly consists of a power unit, a virus removal cassette holder, a pressure monitoring gauge, and an automatic control unit.  In this document, we will focus on Bio-Link M series virus removal cassette holder. The virus filter holder is used to hold primary or secondary virus removal cassettes of a given area. Under the action of a power pump, the feed liquid passes through the  cassettes, which intercepts the virus in the liquid for clarification. With the power pump and monitoring instrument, the virus  removal process can be completed manually, semi-automatically, or automatically. The vertical holder design ensures efficient  flow rates and maximizes the recovery of valuable materials, while also achieving optimal air removal in the case of vertical  stacked installation of cassettes.


Features of FiltraLinX® Virus Filter Holder

  • Compatible with prevalent square virus filtration cassettes on the market;

  • Suitable for lab-scale research and development, pilot-scale production, and large-scale production;

  • Stainless steel material, resistant to the disinfection by acid, alkali, organic solvents, and other disinfectants, meeting the  requirements for CIP and cleaning validation;

  • Using a hydraulic device to install virus filtration cassette, convenient and time-saving;

  • Smooth surface, no dead corners, easy to clean;

  • Polished part in contact with liquids with Ra<0.5μm, surface polished with Ra<1.2μm;

  • Fixed pipelines, clear identification of the flow direction; • GMP and FDA certified food-grade lubricant; • 304 stainless steel rack;

  • System pipelines withstand a pressure of 6 bar; • Hydraulic system pipelines withstand a pressure of 124 bar;

  • Complete set of fixtures;

  • Easy to hold different numbers of cassettes by adjusting the position of the movable plate  and the distance of the guide rod;

  • Fixable steering wheels, meeting the requirements of epoxy flooring clean area;

  • Clamp connection, with a universal size of TC50 interface;

  • 2 feed liquid inlets & 2 outlets in each layer, 1 vent hole on both the inlet  and outlet sides;

  • Ergonomic drip pan for easy collection of waste liquids.

Technical Specification of FiltraLinX® Virus Filter Holder

Virus filter holderPrefiltration & Virus filter holder
0.51m2 cassette loading capacity1-141-14 prefiltration &
1-14 virus removal cassettes
1.53m2 cassette loading
m2 capacity
1-71-7 prefiltration &
1-7 virus removal cassettes
Dimensions (mm)785 * 600 * 1456986 * 600 * 1456
Weight (kg)142186
Material of rackSS 304SS 304
Material of liquid contact partSS 316LSS 316L

Supporting Documents of FiltraLinX® Virus Filter Holder

  • GAD drawings

  • Quality certificate

  • Instructions for use

  • List of spare parts

Ordering Information of FiltraLinX® Virus Filter Holder

Product codeDescriptionApplicable range
VH-CHN-S07Virus filter holderMaximum of 7 pieces of 1.53m2 virus
removal cassettes
VH-CHN-D07Virus filter holderMaximum of 7 pieces of 1.53m2 virus
removal cassettes and 7 pieces of 1.53m2
virus prefiltration cassettes

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