filtralinx benchtop tff system2
filtralinx benchtop tff system2
filtralinx benchtop tff system1

FiltraLinX® Benchtop TFF System

FiltraLinX® benchtop TFF system adopts a modular design, equipped with membrane filter holders of different specifications, to  meet filtration area requirements of 0.1-0.5 m2  or 0.5-2.5 m2 . According to the process requirements, the circulating pump can  be flexibly configured with a rotor pump or a diaphragm pump. The system is designed to be compact and practical, with an automatic control system for flow rate and pressure to achieve  automatic control of TMP and Delta P, thereby realizing automated operations such as concentration, diafiltration, desalting  and dealcoholization of bioproducts such as antibodies, vaccines, blood products, and gene therapy drugs. Featuring automated operation, cost-effectiveness, and compliance with regulations related to data integrity, the system is an  ideal choice for laboratory research, pilot-scale production, clinical drug production, and GMP production stages.


Applications of FiltraLinX® Benchtop TFF System

  • Vaccines

  • Gene therapy

  • Cell therapy

  • Nanomedicines

  • Monoclonal antibodies

  • Recombinant proteins

  • Blood products

Product Features of FiltraLinX® Benchtop TFF System

  • Various specifications available: 0.1-0.5 m2 and 0.5-2.5 m2 benchtop ultrafiltration membrane filtration

  • Capable of using hollow fiber filters

  • Equipped with PLC, weighing unit, manual valve, circulating pump, flow meter, pressure sensor and other components to  control TMP and Delta P, enabling automated production operations

  • Equipped with 316L stainless steel filtration tank for sample loading and collection

  • Equipped with flexible process sample interfaces, compatible with single-use storage and mixing bags for product loading  and collection

  • Equipped with peristaltic pump for feeding to achieve equal-volume diafiltration

  • Reserved interface for membrane integrity testing

  • Mature automatic control software that complies with data integrity requirements of GMP production

  • Can be equipped with online pH, online conductivity detection, and other instruments

  • Support CIP, SIP and IT membrane integrity testing and NWP water flux detection functions

System Configuration and Specification Parameters of FiltraLinX® Benchtop TFF System

Membrane areaMembrane filters: 0.1-0.5 m2Membrane filters: 0.5-2.5 m
In-process tank5 L10 L
Equipment dimensions and weight950 × 560 × 1450 mm and 130 kg1250 × 560 × 1450 mm and 180 kg
Automatic control levelAutomatic control
Operating pressureMax. 5 bar
stem pressure resistanceMax. 6 bar
Pipeline fittingsSS 316L; Ra ≤ 0.4 μm
Sanitary connectionTC chuck
Manual valvePP, SS 316L
Flow detectionPermeate end, electromagnetic flow meter; retentate end; electromagnetic flow meter
Operation modeAutomatic feedback control
Operating temperature4 – 40 °C @ PP;
4-60 °C @ SS 316L
Min. circulation volume0.1-0.5 m2 benchtop model: minimum circulation volume ~ 200 mL.
0.5-2.5 m2 benchtop model: minimum circulation volume ~ 400 mL.
LanguageChinese, English
Material (liquid contact part)Common and classic materials in the pharmaceutical industry such as 316 L,
Polymer (USP class VI or FDA), EPDM, Santoprene elastomer, medical, Grade epoxy, silicone.

* Customization available upon request. For details, please consult the local sales or call the hotline 4000589000.

Mature automatic control software that complies with data integrity requirements of GMP production

Comply with FDA 21CFR Part 11 requirements for electronic records and electronic signatures

Comply with audit trail requirements

Bilingual operating interface: Chinese, English

Hierarchical alarm management

Three-level permissions management

Data backup and restore

Clock synchronization

Display process parameter trend chart, and generate reports in PDF

SCADA system interface to realize the data integration of MES system

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