ni nta chromatography
ni nta chromatography

MaXtar® PlasmidCap HR Affinity Chromatography Resins

MaXtar® PlasmidCap HR is a thiophilic aromatic adsorption chromatography resin. Thiophilic affinity chromatography works by using the interaction between electron donors and acceptors to separate and purify target molecules. This interaction can be strengthened in a high-salt environment and weakened in a low-salt environment. MaXtar PlasmidCap HR can selectively bind to closed-loop supercoiled plasmid DNA but not to open-loop plasmid DNA. Therefore, it can be used to prepare high-quality plasmid DNA.

Unlike PlasmidCap Chromstar HP chromatography resin, MaXtar PlasmidCap HR conjugates the sulfur-containing compound 2-mercaptopyridine to a new highly rigid matrix, which provides better pressure-flow performance for large-scale separation and purification of plasmid DNA, bringing added flexibility in process design and improved productivity. Also, finer particle sizes can provide better resolution.


Specifications of MaXtar® PlasmidCap HR Affinity Chromatography Resins

ProductFeatureMean particle size
Max. flow velocity
QuantityProduct code
MaXtar® PlasmidCap HR High binding capacity
High flow velocity
High resolution
For separation of supercoiled plasmid
4060025 mL1031-1821
100 mL1031-1822
500 mL1031-1823
1 L1031-1824
5 L1031-1825
10 L1031-1826
20 L1031-1827

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