ni nta chromatography
ni nta chromatography

MaXtar PlasmidCap HR Affinity Chromatography Resins

MaXtar PlasmidCap HR is a thiophilic aromatic adsorption chromatography resin. Thiophilic affinity chromatography works by using the interaction between electron donors and acceptors to separate and purify target molecules. This interaction can be strengthened in a high-salt environment and weakened in a low-salt environment. MaXtar PlasmidCap HR can selectively bind to closed-loop supercoiled plasmid DNA but not to open-loop plasmid DNA. Therefore, it can be used to prepare high-quality plasmid DNA.

Unlike PlasmidCap Chromstar HP chromatography resin, MaXtar PlasmidCap HR conjugates the sulfur-containing compound 2-mercaptopyridine to a new highly rigid matrix, which provides better pressure-flow performance for large-scale separation and purification of plasmid DNA, bringing added flexibility in process design and improved productivity. Also, finer particle sizes can provide better resolution.


Specifications of MaXtar PlasmidCap HR Affinity Chromatography Resins

ProductFeatureMean particle size
Max. flow velocity
QuantityProduct code
MaXtar PlasmidCap HR High binding capacity
High flow velocity
High resolution
For separation of supercoiled plasmid
4060025 mL1031-1821
100 mL1031-1822
500 mL1031-1823
1 L1031-1824
5 L1031-1825
10 L1031-1826
20 L1031-1827

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