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anion exchange column
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Maxtar Resins for Ion Exchange Chromatography

MaXtar Q/DEAE/S can separate different molecules by leveraging their differences in the nature and magnitude of charge under specific conditions. The chromatography resin can be well suited for the separation and purification of various biomolecules, such as recombinant proteins, antibodies, nucleic acids, viruses and virus-like particles, and polysaccharides.


Features of Maxtar Resins for Ion Exchange Chromatography

  • Chromatography resin based on an improved agarose-based matrix.

  • With high flow velocity, low back pressure, and high binding capacity, easy to scale up linearly.

  • With organic solvent resistance and good chemical stability.

Specifications of Maxtar Resins for Ion Exchange Chromatography

MaXtar prepacked column

Ion Exchange Column    Types Of Ion Exchange Chromatography

ProductInner diameter×Column bed (mm)Dynamic binding capacityMean particle size (μm)Max. back pressure (MPa)Recommended flow velocity (ml/min)QuantityProduct code
Chrom-Trap MaXtar Q 1 mL7.7/25> 100 mg BSA/mL900.511 × 1 mL2014-1821
Chrom-Screen MaXtar Q 4.7 mL7.7/100> 100 mg BSA/mL900.51– 4.71 × 4.7 mL2014-1822
Chrom-Trap MaXtar Q 5 mL16/25> 100 mg BSA/mL900.51 – 51 × 5 mL2014-1823
Chrom-Trap MaXtar DEAE 1 mL7.7/25> 90 mg ovalbumin/mL900.511 × 1 mL2015-1821
Chrom-Screen MaXtar DEAE 4.7 mL7.7/100> 90 mg ovalbumin/mL900.51 – 4.71 × 4.7 mL2015-1822
Chrom-Trap MaXtar DEAE 5 mL16/25> 90 mg ovalbumin/mL900.51 – 51 × 5 mL2015-1823
Chrom-Trap MaXtar S 1 mL7.7/25> 60 mg β -lactoglobulin/mL900.511 × 1 mL2012-1821
Chrom-Screen MaXtar S 4.7 mL7.7/100> 60 mg β -lactoglobulin/mL900.51 – 4.71 × 4.7 mL2012-1822
Chrom-Trap MaXtar S 5 mL16/25> 60 mg β -lactoglobulin/mL900.51 – 51 × 5 mL2012-1823

MaXtar chromatography resin

ProductDynamic binding
particle size
Max. back
Max. flow
QuantityProduct code
MaXtar Q> 100 mg BSA/mL900.570025 mL1014-1821
100 mL1014-1822
500 mL1014-1823
1 L1014-1824
5 L1014-1825
10 L1014-1826
20 L1014-1827
MaXtar DEAE> 90 mg ovalbumin/mL900.570025 mL1015-1821
100 mL1015-1822
500 mL1015-1823
1 L1015-1824
5 L1015-1825
10 L1015-1826
20 L1015-1827
MaXtar S> 60 mg
β -lactoglobulin/mL
900.570025 mL1012-1821
100 mL1012-1822
500 mL1012-1823
1 L1012-1824
5 L1012-1825
10 L1012-1826
20 L1012-1827

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