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Chrom-Trap & Chrom-Screen Prepacked Column

The Chrom-Trap and Chrom-Screen preloaded columns are filled with self-developed automatic equipment, and the filling process is explored and verified to ensure the excellent filling effect and stability of the preloaded columns. There are many types of preloaded fillers, including gel filtration chromatography, ion-exchange chromatography, affinity chromatography, hydrophobic chromatography and multimode chromatography, etc. All preloaded columns can be reused.


Please be advised that this product is only available for sale and after-sales support in certain regions. For further details, kindly consult with your local sales representative. Thank you for your understanding.

Details of Chrom-Trap & Chrom-Screen Prepacked Column

Chrom-Trap preloaded columns are available in 1ml and 5ml sizes. The column bed height of 2.5cm is ideal for rapid screening of chromatographic fillers and establishment of purification methods. Chrom-Trap pre-loaded column ADAPTS to the chromatography system, peristaltic pump, and can be manually operated by connecting syringes with 1/16 "adapters. It can support 2-5 syringes in series to increase sample loading volume.

Chrom-Screen preloaded column specifications are 4.7ml, 10cm column height, suitable for process optimization and scale-up. This chromatography column for sale is preloaded with a column fitting chromatography system, a peristaltic pump, and can be connected in series up to 20cm, rapidly simulating the column bed height commonly used in commercial production scale.

Features of Chrom-Trap & Chrom-Screen Prepacked Column

Chrom-Trap preloaded column and Chrom-Screen preloaded column tube body and inner plug using PP material, and internal and external polishing, sieve plate using HDPE material, the overall has excellent physical properties and chemical tolerance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, long life, good safety.

  • Ready-to-use, convenient and fast

  • Can be used with syringes, peristaltic pumps or tomographic systems

  • Can be used in series to increase the sample handling capacity

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