Purification Techniques | Column Selection for Chromatography

The determination of purification process often requires a series of steps, including resin screening, exploration of potential resin application processes, small-scale trial confirmation, and scale-up. The column bed height of resins based on different chromatographic principles also varies in different purification processes. Therefore, selecting a highly compatible chromatographic column is particularly important.



Chrom-LinX® laboratory-grade chromatographic column (single/double adjustable column head)

Chrom-Trap & Chrom- Prepacked Chromatography Columns

In downstream purification series of BioLink, we not only have our independently developed resins but also their perfect companion - Chrom-LinX® laboratory-grade chromatographic column. It is easy to operate, highly pressure-resistant, and suitable for a wide range of applications!


Chrom-LinX® laboratory-grade chromatographic column is a high-pressure resistant column, capable of withstanding pressures up to 20 bar (2 MPa, 290 psi). It comes in various inner diameters including 10, 16, 26, and 50 mm, and lengths ranging from 200, 400, 700, to 1000 mm. It is equipped with both single and double adjustable column heads, catering to the diverse needs of researchers in routine laboratory purification operations. It also provides better support for commercial-scale production in the future.




Figure 1: Size selection of Chrom-LinX® laboratory-grade chromatographic column

Product characteristics:

  • User design, easy to grip.

  • Clear visibility, convenient for observing column bed height.

  • High pressure resistance, capable of withstanding 20 bar (2 MPa, 290 psi).

  • Various specifications, with multiple inner diameters and height options.

  • High flexibility, equipped with single and double adjustable column heads.

  • No dead angle for cleaning, easy to disassemble and clean.

  • Excellent compatibility, can be used with common laboratory chromatography systems.

Cases for application


Figure 2: Chromatogram of Geldex 200 PG column

Chromatographic column: Chrom-LinX® 16/700

Resin: Geldex 200 PG 

Column height: 60.0 cm

HETP (Height Equivalent to a Theoretical Plate): 10951

As (Asymmetry factor): 1.09

As a provider of core solutions in the biopharmaceutical industry, BioLink is committed to offering cost-effective products and solutions to more biopharmaceutical companies. We believe that Chrom-LinX® laboratory-grade chromatographic column, with its flexible and versatile design, will meet the needs of a wide range of researchers.


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