cytolinx wb single use wave bioreactor 06
cytolinx wb single use wave bioreactor 06
cytolinx wb single use wave bioreactor 02
cytolinx wb single use wave bioreactor 01
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CytoLinX® WB Single-Use Rocking Bioreactor

CytoLinX® WB Single-Use Rocking Bioreactor is available in a variety of models, including 10 L, 20 L, and 50 L for 0.3–25 L culture volumes, and 100 L and 200 L for 10–100 L culture volumes. During the culture process, introduce air/oxygen (filtered by a ster-ile filter) into the culture bag to obtain a certain space. Place the culture bag on the rocking platform to rock, and the medium will form a rocking movement in the culture bag. Such design enables good oxygen supply and cell mixing, as well as a mild cell culture microenvironment with low shear force and high dissolved oxygen. This improves the cell status by protecting them from damage due to the shear force and bubbling at the impeller ends in traditional mixing vessels. As a result, the undulating fluid level of the medium is constantly in contact with the oxygen introduced into the culture bag, providing sufficient dissolved oxygen for cell growth. Cell density and product yield can be increased by adjusting the shaking speed and angle, and by in-troducing a certain ratio of air/oxygen mixture into the bag. Featured by flexible culture volume range, easy operation, precise and reliable control, and easy process scale-up, the rocking bioreactor is suitable for various cell culture conditions, including scientific research, research and development, in-process seed culture, and new therapies, such as cell therapy.

The rocking bioreactor works with pre-irradiated sterile cell culture bags, eliminating the risk of contamination and avoiding bioreactor cleaning and validation, thus shortening process development and production cycles. The use of a sterile cell cul-ture bag increases the success rate of cell culture, and the closed culture system avoids direct contact between the feed liquid and the operator so as to ensure biological safety.


Please be advised that this product is only available for sale and after-sales support in certain regions. For further details, kindly consult with your local sales representative. Thank you for your understanding.

Functions of CytoLinX® WB Single-Use Rocking Bioreactor

Functions of CytoLinX WB Single-Use Rocking Bioreactor

Figure 1 CytoLinX® WB single-use rocking bioreactor

CytoLinX® WB is controlled by Siemens PLC. The advanced PID feedback control and the optical compensation of fiber optic electrodes further improve the stability and reliability of cell culture. With precise detection and feedback regulation, the cell culture process is monitored from all aspects together with data acquisition, data analysis, data comparison, and report print- ing are also available. The software is user-friendly, easy to operate, and compliant with 21 CFR Part 11.

Wave Bioreactor System

Figure 2 CytoLinX® WB Single-Use rocking Bioreactors user interface

Features of CytoLinX® WB Single-Use Rocking Bioreactor

  • The software interface is easy to operate, stable to run, and supports audit trail.

  • Supports easy switching among 10 L, 20 L, and 50 L trays. The bags and the trays can be mounted easily and rapidly without removing screws.

  • Supports perfusion and automatic calibration of pump flow rate for accurate feeding and harvesting.

  • Ventilation, pH/DO, and perfusion modules are optional, depending on process requirements.

  • Supports DO-associated N2 reverse regulation for a wide range of applications, which helps to control cell state more accurately for cell therapy customers.

  • With variable frequency speed regulation, the shaking mode is adjustable to further reduce the shear force and achieve a mild cell culture process.

  • Precise measurement of gases with mass flow controllers (MFC).

  • The whole device is equipped with monitoring alarm and protection functions for automatic fault sensing, diagnosis, and alerts.

  • Several types of consumables are available, including the basic type, the pH & DO electrode type, and the perfusion type.

  • Rich application and operation support, and high-speed response speed.

  • Fast delivery and flexible customization.

Specifications of CytoLinX® WB Single-Use Rocking Bioreactor







13.3'' tablet computer; PC optional


Compliant with 21 CFR PART 11

Rocking bioreactor 0.3 –25 L


Available in 10 L, 20 L, and 50 L

0.3 –25 L (working volume)




2-40 RPM

2 – 14°

Temperature control

Electric heating

RT-40 °C

Gas flow control

Air mass flow controller × 1

0 – 1 Lpm

O2 mass flow controller × 1

0 –0.5 Lpm

CO2 mass flow controller × 1

0 –0.2 Lpm

N2 mass flow controller × 1 (optional)

0 –0.5 Lpm


Series 1 variable speed pump × 2 –6 (optional)

0 – 300 RPM


Pt 100 temperature sensor × 3

2 –45 °C

pH electrode transmitter and fiber × 1

DO electrode transmitter and fiber × 1

6 –8 pH

0 – 100 %

Weight sensor × 4

0-30 kg

Pressure sensor × 1

0 – 1 Psi

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