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With the development of basic research and technological iteration, the forms of drugs are becoming more diversified. From small molecules, to proteins and antibodies, to nucleic acid therapy, and then to cell therapy and gene therapy, the new forms of drugs have expanded the boundaries of drug therapy and also marked the increasingly sophisticated diagnosis and treatment of many diseases. As a leading company in domestic bioreactors, BioLink continuously launches innovative products, promoting the continuous evolution of domestic biopharmaceutical production processes.

CytoLinX® GB 1-20 L Benchtop Glass Bioreactor newly launched


CytoLinX® GB 1-20 L Benchtop Glass Bioreactor newly launched

CytoLinX® GB Benchtop Glass Bioreactor is specifically designed to simplify process development and can be used to culture various different cell lines, especially for cell lines sensitive to shear forces.

CytoLinX® GB Benchtop Glass Bioreactor allows cell culture from 1L to 20L, providing flexibility for personalized process requirements, space-saving, and cost reduction.

Product Features

  • High configurability: Strong flexibility, high adaptability, more choices make process development and characterization more flexible.

  • High durability: The tank body is made of high borosilicate glass, ensuring high temperature resistance, good corrosion resistance, and easy cleaning;

  • High stability: Good linkage of equipment control stability, temperature, pH, DO and other factors;

  • Multiple choices: Can choose large bubbles or micro bubbles to meet various process requirements;

CytoLinX® GB simplifies bioprocess scale-up

CytoLinX® GB Benchtop Glass Bioreactor, combined with CytoLinX® BR Single-Use Bioreactor, provides customers with a simple and scalable solution, effortlessly enabling the transition from small to large volumes, from research and development to production scale-up. This combination further eliminates human errors and equipment compatibility issues.

CytoLinX® GB intelligent automation platform for bioreactors

It is built on the win CC framework. This control system integrates various functionalities, including local data storage, batch control, recipe management, third-party data uploads, audit tracking, and PAT data control. The design of the control system complies with the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11. The underlying hardware modules are built using imported brands, ensuring high stability.

Simultaneously, it allows flexible configuration of various PAT tools to meet diverse customer usage needs and application scenarios. A CytoLinX® GB control cabinet can simultaneously interface with different models of BioLink glass vessels, thereby fulfilling the "one machine, multiple uses" functionality.


CytoLinX® GB Benchtop Glass Bioreactor has a wide range of applications

  • They can be used for cell suspension cultivation in antibody, gene therapy, and cell therapy applications.

  • They are suitable for supporting adherent cell suspension cultivation on microcarriers in vaccine development.

  • They are applicable to the ADC drug conjugation process.

  • They are utilized for seed amplification and alkaline lysis of microorganisms in plasmid production for mRNA therapy/vaccine.

  • They are employed in the amplification steps of stem cell and T-cell cultivation processes.

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