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iF Design Winner: BioHub® DS Single-Use Desktop Mixing System

Recently, the "iF Design Award", one of the world's three major design awards, officially announced its list of winners for the year 2024. In the list of awards, the BioHub® DS Single-Use Desktop Mixing System, independently developed, designed, and produced by BioLink, stood out with its simple and elegant, refreshing and agile, smooth and convenient yet functional design, earning the prestigious "iF Design Award" for the year 2024.


Award-winning design at the "iF Design Award" in 2024:

BioHub® DS Single-Use Desktop Mixing System

The "iF Design Award" was established in 1954 and is organized annually by the Hannover Industrial Design Forum, the oldest industrial design institution in Germany. It is internationally recognized as a prestigious award in the field of contemporary industrial design. Alongside the German Red Dot Award and the American IDEA Award (International Design Excellence Award), it is considered one of the world's top three industrial design awards. Therefore, winning this award undoubtedly reflects BioLink's strength in product development, design, and innovation.

As a supplier committed to providing critical process equipment and consumable solutions for the biopharmaceutics industry, BioLink has always been forging ahead on the path of product innovation. We hold ourselves to high standards, aiming to set a new benchmark for intelligent manufacturing in China.

The "high quality" that BioLink insists on has been perfectly demonstrated by the BioHub® DS Single-Use Desktop Mixing System, which meets the needs of various applications and brings a pleasing working experience. Since its launch on 14 March 2023, it has been well received by customers and meets the needs of various applications all over the world.

With both aesthetics and substance, it's worth having!

Its appearance is simple, the system is easy to clean, and the trial operation is convenient, providing support for small volume mixing needs in research laboratories and process development stages. Its features include:

• The split design allows that one instrument controls multiple mixers, reducing the production cost.

• The mixing bins are available in 2 L, 5 L, 10 L, 15 L, and 20 L, so as to meet the mixing requirements of small-volume valuable feed liquids.

• Stainless steel and acrylic options are available for the mixing bins.

• Data integrity is compliant with 21CFR Part 11, satisfying the GMP requirements.

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