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Chelating Chromstar FF Affinity Chromatography Resins

Chelating Chromstar FF is a metal chelate affinity chromatography resin made by covalently cross-linking iminodiacetic acid (IDA) to the Chromstar matrix via a spacer arm. IDA provides 3 ligand sites for chelation with transition metal ions (Cu2+, Zn2+, Co2+, Ni2+, etc.). The chromatography resin exploits the interaction between transition metal ions and histidine, cysteine, tryptophan, etc., which are widely present in proteins to separate and purify proteins with and without these amino acids and with high or low amounts of these amino acids.


Features of Chelating Chromstar FF Affinity Chromatography Resins

Chromatography resin for immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography, based on an improved agarose-based matrix. With excellent rigidity, high flow velocity, and optional metal ions for chelation.

Specifications of Chelating Chromstar FF Affinity Chromatography Resins

ProductMean particle size
Max. back pressure
Max. flow velocity
QuantityProduct code
Chelating Chromstar FF900.340025 mL
100 mL1022-1132
500 mL1022-1133
1 L1022-1134
5 L1022-1135
10 L1022-1136
20 L1022-1137

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