chromax geldex prepacked column 2
chromax geldex prepacked column 2
chromax geldex prepacked column 1

ChromaX ™ Geldex Prepacked Column

Laboratory-scale prepacked analytical columns for rapid screening of integrated circuits and processes.


Details of ChromaX ™ Geldex Prepacked Column

Geldex PG is a series of gel filtration chromatography media with a cross-linked agarose matrix that uses their molecular weight differences to separate different molecules. The series consists of three chromatography media suitable for different separation ranges, including Geldex 30 PG, Geldex 75 PG and Geldex 200 PG. This series of chromatography media can be well used for the separation and purification of a variety of biomolecules, such as peptides, polysaccharides, recombinant proteins, antibodies, nucleic acids, etc.

Features of ChromaX ™ Geldex Prepacked Column

  • The Geldex PG series provides two specifications of prepacked columns, with inner diameters of 16mm and 26mm, and column bed height of 600mm. They are packed with Chrom-LinX 16/700 and Chrom-LinX 26/700 empty chromatography columns respectively.

  • Each prepacked column has been tested for column efficiency, has good reproducibility, is easy to operate, and can be easily connected to chromatography equipment.

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