Ding Xinghua, Deputy Secretary of Rugao Municipal Party Committee, Visited BioLink Factory Again

On the morning of Oct. 11, Ding Xinghua, Deputy Secretary of Rugao Municipal Committee and Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Rugao Economic and Technological Development Zone, and his party visited BioLink to inspect the construction of projects including the biopharmaceutical single-use consumables manufacturing site, accompanied by Sun Jian, Director of Operation Department of BioLink. This is the second time that Secretary Ding visited the company after one month, which fully shows the high concern and expectation that the Rugao Municipal Committee holds for the development of BioLink.

Secretary Ding and his party visited and inspected the single-use bioprocessing production workshop and the ISO Class 7 clean workshop of the single-use consumables production base Phase II which will be in operation soon. At present, the equipment in Phase II clean workshop has almost been installed and is in the commissioning stage. The Phase III (Class B + A) clean workshop and integrated bag manufacturing workshop under construction are also scheduled to be put into operation at the end of 2021, by which time the whole site will be able to reach a total annual production capacity of 2 million bags/set.

Secretary Ding asked in detail whether there were any issues or problems that needed to be coordinated or solved by the government recently, and requested the company to improve its infrastructure and pilot production to complete the project in a shorter construction period than planned; also, he gave guidance on the future development of the company, business model, risk control, and team building.

To conclude, Secretary Ding asked the relevant departments of the district to do a good job in service coordination to help BioLink to become one of the key enterprises with annual revenue of over one billion CNY in Rugao as soon as possible.

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