Ding Xinghua, Deputy Secretary of Rugao Municipal Party Committee, Visited BioLink For Inspection

On the afternoon of Aug. 25, Ding Xinghua, Deputy Secretary of Rugao Municipal Committee and Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Rugao Economic and Technological Development Zone, and his party visited BioLink to inspect the construction of the biopharmaceutical single-use consumables manufacturing site. The company's management team accompanied the visit and held a forum.

Secretary Ding and his party visited and inspected the product pipeline of biopharmaceutical single-use consumables and localized equipment, viewed the operating environment, production equipment, and related products of the company's ISO Class 7 cleanroom production line, and were introduced to the characteristics and process of our single-use storage bags, mixing bags, and other products.

In the subsequent forum, the company leaders introduced the development journey and existing operation of the company to Secretary Ding and his party in detail and reported the strategic development plan of the company in science and technology innovation, production and operation, and brand building in the next few years. Meanwhile, the company has been stepping up the construction of the second and third phases of the production base of biopharmaceutical single-use consumables of BioLink to meet the large market demands at present, and will rapidly increase production capacity, improve product/process validation, and expand our brand influence and awareness under the premise of ensuring product quality. And we believe that with the successive production of our product pipelines, we will be able to provide overall biopharmaceutical solutions to the industry.

Secretary Ding fully appreciated our achievements in recent years as well as the exploration of localization and achievements in the field of bioprocessing products, and hoped that BioLink would make further efforts to enhance scientific and technological innovation, improve the protection of intellectual property rights, and promote the core competitiveness of the enterprise to make greater contributions to the development of the regional economy.

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