FAQs of Bioprocessing Product Supplier


What are bioprocessing products?

Bio-Link is a reliable partner for the biopharmaceutical industry. We provide essential biopharmaceutical equipment and consumables for biopharmaceutical companies. Our bioprocessing products, including hardware products and different types of consumables, can be used in biopharmaceutical processes to help biopharmaceutical manufacturers realize the production of various drugs, vaccines, blood products, etc.

What bioprocessing products does Bio-Link manufacture?

The bioprocessing products provided by Bio-Link cover the entire biopharmaceutical process, including upstream and downstream processes. For the upstream cell culture process, we provide customers with disposable bioreactors, cell culture bags and microcarriers, and other consumables. For downstream separation and purification processes, we provide different filtration and chromatography separation solutions. In addition, Bio-Link's unique single-use bioprocessing solutions and RNase-free bag help customers achieve safe and efficient fluid management during their process. We also provide customers with disposable bioprocessing products including various types of single-use bioprocessing vessels, stirring systems, and piping components.

Are Bio-Link bioprocessing products ISO 9001 compliant?

Yes. As one of leading bioprocessing companies, Bio-Link focuses on the quality of its products and is committed to providing customers with safe and reliable products. Bio-Link passed the "ISO9001:2015" quality management system certification in July 2021 and completed the "ISO13485:2016" quality management system certification in early 2022.

What kind of support can I expect from Bio-Link?

Bio-Link provides biopharmaceutical companies with reliable bioprocessing solutions ranging from upstream cell culture, separation, and purification to single-use bioprocessing and fluid management. We can provide you with a safe, reliable, and consistent supply of bioprocessing products. In addition, Bio-Link has a strong team of engineers and bioprocess experts who can provide you with customized product services and verification services.

What's the custom process at Bio-Link?

You can fill out this form and get in touch with our account manager, and our engineer will contact you with your detailed requirements. The exact delivery time will depend on the complexity of your requirements.