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CytoLinX® WB Single-Use Cell Therapy Bags

CytoLinX® WB series single-use cell therapy bags are designed for use in rocking cell culture systems, specifically for cell therapy applications. The product can be used in scientific research, process development, commercial mass production operation. This product is irradiation sterilization product, disposable use, for cell growth to provide a safe and suitable environment. Available in a range of sizes to support culture volumes from 0.3L to 5L. BioLink offers basic cell therapy bags, pH&DO Cell therapy bags, perfusion cell therapy bags, and pH&DO perfusion cell therapy bags.


Features of CytoLinX® WB Single-Use Cell Therapy Bags

  • Easy use: This product is sterile for single use, providing a safe and suitable environment for cell growth, with the features of easy installation and operation.

  • Good stability: The bags are composed of co-extruded multi-layer films with excellent flexibility and low gas penetration rate, and are suitable for long-term cell culture.

  • High cell density: The perfusion function enables the high-density cell culture in a faster manner.

  • Good biosafety: The material-liquid contact layer is composed of EVA copolymers, which are biologically inert and can guarantee process safety.

  • Flexible application conditions: The bags can be used at 10-50 °C and under operating pressures up to 0.1 bar; the bags are available in various sizes to support culture volumes from 300 mL to 25 L.

  • Wide selection of bag type: BioLink provides cell bags for standard operation, cell therapy, and complex use; optional selections include the basic configuration, for pH & DO, perfusion, and pH & DO &perfusion.

  • Flexible customization of tubings, connectors, and other units to meet the needs of customers.

  • Complete validation documents:

    *Steritity test.

    *Bacterial endotoxin test.

    *Integrity test.

    *Extractable test.

    *Chemical compatibility test.

    *The biocompatibility of gamma-irradiated bags meets the following specifications:

       1) ISO 10993-4: in vivo hemolysis test (extraction method).

       2) USP87: Cytotoxicity test (extraction method).

       3) USP <88> Class Vl intramusclar implantation test.

       4) USP88: Acute intracutaneous test.

       5) USP88: Acute systemic toxicity test.

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