Product Introduction | CytoLinX® BR Single-Use Bioreactor

Single-use bioreactors have always been a "choke point" for biomanufacturing companies due to the difficult manufacturing process and its self-control logic. BioLink has always been committed to providing advanced and efficient process solutions for the life science field. BioLink's CytoLinX® BR single-use bioreactors and matching consumables, covering the specifications of 50, 200, 500, 1000, 2000 L.


Figure 1. Family diagram of CytoLinX® BR 50-2000 L standard bioreactors


CytoLinX® BR is a single-use bioreactor based on a DCS architecture. The underlying logic is built by Siemens PCS 7, which covers the automation needs from R&D to production and from a single unit to the entire upstream plant, and its automation logic complies with the ISA 88 control standards.


The software is designed to comply with GMP and 21 CFR Part 11 requirements. At the same time, in order to facilitate the use of users, the CytoLinX® BR software interface has been designed to be extremely simple, so that all functions can be understood at a glance and the customer's needs can be met to a large extent.


Figure 2. CytoLinX® BR control interface


The automatic control system has real-time data acquisition and recording, PID automatic control, online monitoring, multi-parameter cascade control and other functions, and has a stable performance of pH, DO, temperature control..


Figure 3. Results of CytoLinX® BR high cell density culture test


For more efficient mixing effect, BioLink has launched a new bottom dial design that maintains a high linear KLa. It also provides microbubble, medium bubble, large bubble and a variety of combinations of consumable solutions to meet the tough needs of a variety of cell culture.


CytoLinX ™ BR single-use bioreactor features include:

► User-friendly control interface

► Can achieve "plug and play" "one control cabinet for multiple tanks"

► Adopt stable DCS control system in accordance with ISA 88 control standards

► Flexible configuration, partially customisable according to user requirements

► Provide comprehensive FAT, SAT, IQOQ documentation and services 

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