New Product | FiltraLinX® Benchtop Manual Hollow Fiber TFF System

FiltraLinX® Benchtop Manual Hollow Fiber TFF System is an economical, practical, stable, and durable tangential flow filtration system that can meet the filtration area requirements from 0.017 to 5.1m², and is suitable for research and development stage, pilot-scale production, and GMP production.


FiltraLinX® Application Scenarios 

  • Fermentation liquid separation-Cell/bacteria separation

  • Clarification of lysate-Removal of cell/bacterial fragments

  • Purification of proteins, vaccines, viruses and plasmids

  • Diafiltration for culture solution, purification for blood products 

  • Filtration for sterilization and virus removal

FiltraLinX® Application Case

Hollow Fiber Harvest Clarification Experiment on Polysaccharide Lysis 


A customer underwent lysis treatment after upstream harvesting and precipitation was generated. Considering the relatively longer processing time on using centrifugation and depth filtration for clarification and harvest, high requirements for the equipment of centrifugal harvest in a large scale harvest and high cost on processing and maintenance for the centrifugation equipment, the customer chose to use FiltraLinX® Benchtop Manual Hollow Fiber TFF System and TFFNOVA® Hollow Fiber for harvesting. Thus, this experiment was conducted to test the performance of the two products in this project.

Preparation for the experiment

1.Sample: Customer-provided sample of polysaccharide lysis

2.FiltraLinX® Benchtop Manual Hollow Fiber TFF System


Control method

Pump flow rate

Inner diameter of tube

Application point

Treatment volume


Manual control

180 L/h


Polysaccharide clarification harvest


3.TFFNOVA® Hollow Fiber



Membrane Area

Batch Number

Application Point

Treatment Volume



1.0㎡H230501APolysaccharide Clarification Harvest3.5L


Experimental data

TimeInlet PressureBackflow PressureFiltrate PressureFiltrate Data
11:250.200Feed Volume: 1000ml
11:400.50.050Processed Volume: 1500ml
11:550.60.10Filtrate Volume: 100ml; Turbidity: 1.6NTU
Added Feed: 500ml; Processed Volume: 2000ml
12:100.60.10Filtrate Volume: 100ml
12:250.60.10Filtrate Volume: 100ml
12:400.60.10Filtrate Volume: 100ml; Turbidity: 1.23NTU
13:030.80.20Filtrate Volume: 300ml; Added Feed: 600ml
Processed Volume: 3500ml
13:1510.60Filtrate Volume: 200ml; Turbidity: 1.17NTU
13:3010.80Added 400ml Water for Diafiltration; Turbidity: 1.17NTU
13:501.510Added 100ml Water for Diafiltration
13:551.510Turbidity: 0.97NTU
14:30Final processed harvest: 3.25L (estimated), Turbidity: 3.25NTU
Total Residual volume: 900ml, Turbidity: 3876NTU

SampleVolume (ml)Carbohydrates Content (mg/ml)Total Amount (mg)

From the experimental data, it can be analyzed that the FiltraLinX® Benchtop Manual Hollow Fiber TFF System from BioLink and the TFFNOVA® Hollow Fiber can be used for clarification of polysaccharide lysis. They are capable of harvesting the target product, and the polysaccharide lysis do not exhibit compatibility with the hollow fiber, and the yield meets customer's expectation.

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