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Chromstar CL Resins for Size Exclusion Chromatography

The Chromstar CL-4B size exclusion chromatography resin is based on an improved cross-linked agarose-based matrix (4%/6% cross-linking ratio), which can separate different molecules by difference in molecular weight and molecular conformation. It is suitable for the separation and purification of various biomolecules, such as recombinant proteins, antibodies, nucleic acids, viruses, virus-like particles, and polysaccharides, and particularly suitable for molecules that cannot be dissolved in aqueous solutions.


Features of Chromstar CL Resins for Size Exclusion Chromatography

  • Size exclusion chromatography resin based on an improved agarose-based matrix.

  • With organic solvent resistance and good chemical stability.

  • Suitable for the separation of polysaccharides, recombinant proteins, nucleic acids, and other bio-molecules, or determination of QC molecular weight.

Specifications of Chromstar CL Resins for Size Exclusion Chromatography

ProductSeparation range
of globulin
Range of
particle sizes
Max. back
Max. flow
QuantityProduct code
Chromstar CL-4B60 –20,00045 – 1650.0253025 mL1010-1151
100 mL1010-1152
500 mL1010-1153
1 L1010-1154
5 L1010-1155
10 L1010-1156
20 L1010-1157
Chromstar CL-6B10 –4,00045 – 1650.0453025 mL1010-1161
100 mL1010-1162
500 mL1010-1163
1 L1010-1164
5 L1010-1165
10 L1010-1166
20 L1010-1167

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