microcarriers for stem cell culture
microcarriers for stem cell culture
microcarrier cell culture bioreactor
microcarrier bioreactor

Puredex Cyto-1 Microcarrier for Cell Culture

Puredex™ Cyto-1 is a type of microcarrier based on a cross-linked dextran scaffold with positively charged functional groups. It provides a broad surface for cell attachment, thereby enhancing cell density and achieving high productivity. Puredex™ Cyto-1 microcarriers not only enable the change of culture mode for adherent cells but also facilitate the optimization of cell culture processes, leading to cost reduction and increased efficiency. These microcarriers can be used for culturing various host cells, including 293 cells, Vero cells, CHO cells, and more.


Puredex Cyto-1 Microcarrier for Cell Culture Advantages

The excellent cell culture performance of Puredex™ Cyto-1 is attributed to its biocompatible cross-linked dextran scaffold, which offers the following advantages:

  • Inert material providing a solid and reliable surface for cell attachment.

  • Withstands agitation, allowing for greater flexibility in optimizing cell culture parameters.

  • Optimized surface area-to-volume ratio, offering the potential for increased yield.

  • Transparent appearance, facilitating microscopic observation of cell attachment on the surface.

Specifications of Puredex Cyto-1 Microcarrier for Cell Culture

Average Particle Size190μm
Specific Surface Area4,000 cm2/g dry weight
Microsphere Count4X106 cm2/g dry weight
Swelling Coefficient20ml/g dry weight

Ordering Information

Product NameItem No.Specifications
Puredex™ Cyto-11015-2211100g
All bottled or drum-packaged microcarriers are in solid particle form.

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