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Hydroxyapatite BaronCHT Type I&2 Multimodal Chromatography Resin

Hydroxyapatite [Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2] is an inorganic pure-phase chromatography resin, which consists of spheres calcined at high temperatures. Its crystal structure is the same as that of hydroxyapatite in bone, with stable spherical structure and uniform particle sizes. Hydroxyapatite can interact with biomolecules in multiple modes to realize two separation mechanisms simultaneously: cation exchange and calcium metal affinity. The cation exchange mainly depends on the negatively charged phosphate groups on hydroxyapatite. Also, carboxyl clusters and phosphorus clusters on biomolecules can form stronger bonds with calcium on hydroxyapatite through metal affinity. Due to these unique separation mechanisms, hydroxyapatite has become an indispensable chromatography resin in today's extremely demanding downstream processes and plays an important role in the fields of biopharmaceuticals such as antibodies, vaccines (bacterial polysaccharides, pneumonia polysaccharides, and viruses), nucleic acids, enzymes, and recombinant proteins.


Features of Hydroxyapatite BaronCHT Type I&2 Multimodal Chromatography Resin

  • Inorganic pure-phase multimodal chromatography resin with a stable structure.

  • Supporting multiple separation modes, including cation exchange, calcium affinity, and separation by hydroxyl groups.

Specifications of Hydroxyapatite BaronCHT Type I&2 Multimodal Chromatography Resin

Hydroxyapatite prepacked column

ProductInner diameter × Column bed
particle size
Max. back
flow velocity
QuantityProduct code
BaronCHT type I, 40 μm 1 mL
7.7/2540311 × 1 mL2010-1121
BaronCHT type I, 40 μm 4.7 mL
7.7/1004031 – 4.71 × 4.7 mL2010-1122
BaronCHT type I, 40 μm 5 mL
16/254031 – 51 × 5 mL2010-1123
BaronCHT type II, 40 μm 1 mL
7.7/2540411 × 1 mL2011-1121
BaronCHT type II, 40 μm 4.7 mL
7.7/1004041 – 4.71 × 4.7 mL2011-1122
BaronCHT type II, 40 μm 5 mL
16/254041 – 51 × 5 mL2011-1123

Hydroxyapatite chromatography resin

ProductMax. back pressure
Max. flow velocity
Mean particle size
QuantityProduct code
BaronCHT type I340020 μm10 g1110-1111
25 g1110-1112
100 g1110-1113
1 kg1110-1114
5 kg1110-1115
40 μm10 g1110-1121
25 g1110-1122
100 g1110-1123
1 kg1110-1124
5 kg1110-1125
60 μm10 g1110-1131
25 g1110-1132
100 g1110-1133
1 kg1110-1134
5 kg1110-1135
80 μm10 g1110-1141
25 g1110-1142
100 g1110-1143
1 kg1110-1144
5 kg1110-1145
BaronCHT type II440020 μm10 g1111-1111
25 g1111-1112
100 g1111-1113
1 kg1111-1114
5 kg1111-1115
40 μm10 g1111-1121
25 g1111-1122
100 g1111-1123
1 kg1111-1124
5 kg1111-1125
60 μm10 g1111-1131
25 g1111-1132
100 g1111-1133
1 kg1111-1134
5 kg1111-1135
80 μm10 g1111-1141
25 g1111-1142
100 g1111-1143
1 kg1111-1144
5 kg1111-1145

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