virus removal filter
virus removal filter

PC3 Depth Filtration Bioprocess Fixture

The depth filtration system is designed to remove large cell particles in the preparation of biological products, such as cell clar- ification (in bioreactor rooms) or intermediate product filtration (in purification rooms). The system mainly consists of a power unit, a cassette holder, a detection unit, and an automatic control unit.

The depth filter holder is used to hold deep filtration cassettes of a given area. Under the action of a power pump, the feed liq- uid passes through the cassettes, which intercepts the solid particles in the liquid for clarification. The product is designed to meet the needs for lab-scale research and development, pilot-scale production, and large-scale production. It is suitable for a variety of primary and secondary clarification and filtration applications, including mammalian cell culture media, yeast cul- ture media, E. coli lysate, E. coli renaturation buffer, pharmaceutical intermediates, culture media, plasma proteins, and serum.

The vertical depth filter holders (P3C series) are designed to be particularly suitable for biopharmaceutical processes. They are easy to use, work safely and intuitively, and have a small footprint.


Features of PC3 Depth Filtration Bioprocess Fixture

  • Compatible with prevalent round deep filtration cassettes on the market;

  • The position of the top turnplate and the distance of the guide rod can be adjusted, so as to properly hold different numbers of cassettes;

  • The ergonomic design allows for loading, filtering and disassembling in the vertical direction;

  • Resistant to the disinfection by acid, alkali, organic solvents, and other disinfectants, meeting the requirements for CIP and cleaning validation;

  • Easy to install and operate, allowing assembly, operation and disassembly to be performed independently by the user;

  • Carefully designed, highly performing, technically innovative, energy efficient, safe and reliable, and easy to maintain;

  • Made of 304 stainless steel, without compromising the cleanliness of the pharmaceutical production environment;

  • Smooth surface with no dead ends, easy to clean;

  • Surface polished Ra < 1.2 um;

  • Material certificates are available;

  • Adopts cGMP, EU GMP and FDA certified food grade lubricants;

  • Complete set of accessories (available for immediate use by assembling the pressure tubing and pumps);

  • Equipped with 4 lockable wheels;

  • It works with a deflector to offer a variety of working modes, such as down-in & up-out, up-in & down-out, down-in & down- out, series filtration and parallel filtration, for enhanced flexibility in different processing applications;

  • Smaller residual volume for higher recovery rates.

Specifications of PC3 Depth Filtration Bioprocess Fixture

Technical Specification:

Product codeCLH-P3C-5HCLH-P3C-10H
Dimension (mm)1312 × 1150 × 8001935 × 1150 × 800
Weight (kg)192240
Cassette loading capacity (in the case of PALL cassettes)Small disc cassette 0.5 m2/0.25 m2: 1–10 pcsSmall disc cassette 0.5 m2/0.25 m2: 1–20 pcs
Medium disc cassette 1.0 m2/0.5 m2: 1–7 pcsMedium disc cassette 1.0 m2/0.5 m2: 1–14 pcs
Large disc cassette 2.0 m2/1.0 m2: 1–5 pcsLarge disc cassette 2.0 m2/1.0 m2: 1–10 pcs
Cassette loading capacity (in the case of 3M cassettes)Small disc cassette 1.6 m2/2.5 m2: 1–4 pcsSmall disc cassette 1.6 m2/2.5 m2: 1–7 pcs
Bracket materialSS 304
Surface finishRa < 1.2 um

Ordering Information:

Product CodeItem DescriptionCompatible cassettes
CLH-P3C-5HDepth Filter Holder (P3C Series)Cobetter/PALL/3M disc cassettes, 1–5 pcs
CLH-P3C-10HDepth Filter Holder (P3C Series)Cobetter/PALL/3M disc cassettes, 1–10 pcs
IOQ-CLH-001Validation serviceValidation service for depth filter holders

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