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CytoLinX WB Single-use Cell Therapy Bag

CytoLinX® WB series single-use cell therapy bags are designed for use in wavy cell culture systems, specifically for cell therapy applications. The product can be used in scientific research, process development, commercial mass production operation. This product is irradiation sterilization product, disposable use, for cell growth to provide a safe and suitable environment. Available in a range of sizes to support culture volumes from 0.3L to 5L. Bio-Link offers basic cell therapy bags, pH&DO Cell therapy bags, perfusion cell therapy bags, and pH&DO perfusion cell therapy bags.


Features of CytoLinX WB Single-use Cell Therapy Bag

  • Simple installation and easy operation;

  • Minimize the risk of contamination and cross-contamination between samples;

  • Good stability, the bag is composed of multiple layers of co-extruded transparent film, excellent mechanical strength, suitable for a long time cell culture process;

  • High cell density;

  • Good biological safety, material liquid contact layer is EVA copolymer, biological inert material, to ensure process safety;

  • Complete verification documents;

  • Reduce costs;

  • Can be used from 10° C to 50° C;

  • Maximum operating pressure: 0.1 bar.

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