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BioHub® Welder Aseptic Connector

The BioHub® Welder is an automated aseptic tubing system that offers a flexible, rapid, and cost-effective solution for aseptic fluid connections. This product enables the aseptic connection of disposable process bags, tubing components, and fittings in the biopharmaceutical manufacturing process without the need for pre-assembly in a non-sterile environment.


BioHub® Welder Aseptic Connector Application

  • Aseptic connection of TPE tubing for media storage bags 

  • Aseptic connection of TPE tubing for feed bags 

  • Aseptic connection of TPE tubing for other process steps

Features of BioHub® Welder Aseptic Connector

  • Automated Recognition: The fully automated tubing system can automatically identify the tubing specifications through the tube holder.

  • Easy Operation: Accurate and error-free tubing connection can be achieved by following step-by-step prompts on the touchscreen interface. Each step can be easily tracked and monitored.

  • Wide Compatibility: Compatible with tubing sizes ranging from OD1/4" to 1", enabling easy connections with both empty and liquid-filled tubes.

  • High Flexibility: Comes with standard C-Flex® 374 and AdvantaFlex® tubing brands, and supports customization with other tubing brands as well.

  • Efficiency: Rapid and reliable connections can be made within 180 seconds, saving valuable production time.

  • Bidirectional Tubing: Unique patented rotational technology allows for the creation of two independent tubing connections in a single operation, enhancing equipment versatility.

  • Enhanced User Experience: The tubing operation length is shortened to as little as 400mm, greatly improving user experience.

  • Data Reliability: The system ensures complete data integrity with comprehensive features such as three-level permissions, audit tracking, and data export capabilities.

  • Stability and Safety: Welding parameters and tubing connections undergo rigorous testing and validation to ensure continuous, stable, and robust aseptic connections.

Specifications of BioHub® Welder Aseptic Connector

Power Requirements220V/50Hz
Power Consumption:160W
Device Dimensions:590mm*251mm*297mm
Net Weight:19.4kg
Welding Time:≤ 3min
Sealing Environment:5~ 40° C,50%~80%RH
Protection LevelIP20

Ordering Information

Product NameNo.
Aseptic Tube ConnectorBLKWELDER01
1/8*1/4 Tubing Holder(2 pcs/BX)BLKTBHL01
1/4*3/8 Tubing Holder(2 pcs/BX)BLKTBHL02
1/4*7/16 Tubing Holder(2 pcs/BX)BLKTBHL03
3/8*5/8 Tubing Holder(2 pcs/BX)BLKTBHL04
5/8*7/8 Tubing Holder(2 pcs/BX)BLKTBHL05
1/2*3/4 Tubing Holder(2 pcs/BX)BLKTBHL06
3/4*1 Tubing Holder(2 pcs/BX)BLKTBHL07
IOQ Validation ServiceIOQ-WELD-01

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