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BioHub® Sterile Tube Welder

The BioHub® Tubing Welder is an automated aseptic tubing system that offers a flexible, rapid, and cost-effective solution for aseptic fluid connections. This sterile tube welder enables the aseptic connection of disposable process bags, tubing components, and fittings in the biopharmaceutical manufacturing process without the need for pre-assembly in a non-sterile environment.


BioHub® Welder Aseptic Connector Application

  • Aseptic connection of TPE tubing for media storage bags.

  • Aseptic connection of TPE tubing for feed bags.

  • Aseptic connection of TPE tubing for other process steps.

Features of BioHub® Welder Aseptic Connector

  • Automated Recognition: The fully automated tubing system can automatically identify the tubing specifications through the tube holder.

  • Easy Operation: Accurate and error-free tubing connection can be achieved by following step-by-step prompts on the touchscreen interface. Each step can be easily tracked and monitored.

  • Wide Compatibility: Compatible with tubing sizes ranging from OD1/4" to 1", enabling easy connections with both empty and liquid-filled tubes.

  • High Flexibility: Comes with standard C-Flex® 374 and AdvantaFlex® tubing brands, and supports customization with other tubing brands as well.

  • Efficiency: Rapid and reliable connections can be made within 180 seconds, saving valuable production time.

  • Bidirectional Tubing: Unique patented rotational technology allows for the creation of two independent tubing connections in a single operation, enhancing equipment versatility.

  • Enhanced User Experience: The tubing operation length is shortened to as little as 400mm, greatly improving user experience.

  • Data Reliability: The system ensures complete data integrity with comprehensive features such as three-level permissions, audit tracking, and data export capabilities.

  • Stability and Safety: Welding parameters and tubing connections undergo rigorous testing and validation to ensure continuous, stable, and robust aseptic connections.

Specifications of BioHub® Welder Aseptic Connector

Power Requirements220V/50Hz
Power Consumption160W
Device Dimensions590mm*251mm*297mm
Net Weight19.4kg
Welding Time≤ 3min
Sealing Environment5~ 40° C, 50%~80%RH
Protection LevelIP20

Ordering Information

Product NameNo.
Aseptic Tube ConnectorBLKWELDER01
1/8*1/4 Tubing Holder(2 pcs/BX)BLKTBHL01
1/4*3/8 Tubing Holder(2 pcs/BX)BLKTBHL02
1/4*7/16 Tubing Holder(2 pcs/BX)BLKTBHL03
3/8*5/8 Tubing Holder(2 pcs/BX)BLKTBHL04
5/8*7/8 Tubing Holder(2 pcs/BX)BLKTBHL05
1/2*3/4 Tubing Holder(2 pcs/BX)BLKTBHL06
3/4*1 Tubing Holder(2 pcs/BX)BLKTBHL07
IOQ Validation ServiceIOQ-WELD-01

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