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BioHub Lab Scale Mixer

BioHub Lab Scale Mixer is equipped with a unique paddle to meet the mixing of small volume of material and liquid.


Please be advised that this product is only available for sale and after-sales support in certain regions. For further details, kindly consult with your local sales representative. Thank you for your understanding.

Features of BioHub Laboratory Mixing

  • Volume range: 560mL-22L

  • The whole laboratory mixer machine adopts 304 stainless steel polishing design, Ra≤0.8μm, no damage to the soft bag body

  • The unique paddle design of  lab agitator stirrer makes the material liquid even in a small volume

  • Small-volume design, this laboratory mixer stirrer can be placed on the desktop to easily achieve mixing of material and liquid.

  • Modular design, pH, cond, temperature, weighing, peristaltic pump, printer, etc. can be selected according to needs

Details About BioHub Lab Mixing Equipment

The BioHub® Series bioprocessing single-use mixer works through a magnetic coupling motor to drive the single-use stirring paddles in the mixing bag to rotate, and is equipped with physical shaft seals. This laboratory mixer stirrer is safe, reliable, stable and efficient. Working together with a stainless steel bin, it can meet liquid-liquid mixing and solid-liquid mixing needs, and suitable for various small-volume mixing applications, such as medium preparation, buffer preparation, intermediate mixing, semi-finished product mixing, and final pharmaceutical product mixing.

The laboratory mixing equipment consists of a stainless steel bin, a control system, a magnetic mixing motor, and single-use mixer bags. The modular design allows for flexible combinations of different functions on demand, such as mixing, weighing, feedback-controlled temperature monitoring, pH, and conductivity, while supporting high levels of customization to the complex needs of customers. The lab stirrer mixer also provides three-level permissions and data export to meet the data integrity needs of pharmaceutical customers.

Specifications of BioHub Lab Mixing Equipment

System dimensions L × W
465 × 454558 × 529
System height H (mm)520606
System weight (kg)4053
WheelsDesktop without caster
Material (bin and bracket)SS 304L
Maximum working pressure in the jacket6 bar
Jacket inlet and outletChuck TC25 interface / quick fitting
Inner jacket volume m3 (estimated)0.81.5
Heat exchange area X m2 (estimated)0.264 m20.395 m2
Weighing unitLSD-I6 10 KGLSD-I6 20 KG
Temperature unitStandard
Storage temperature0–40 ° C, non-condensing environment
Operating temperature4–60 ° C, non-condensing environment
Power60 W
Rotation speed0–400 rpm
Note: The stated rotation speed is obtained based on water test conditions. The maximum ro- tation speed needs to be determined by referencing the actual volume and viscosity of the feed liquid in the process.
Wire length3 M
IP ratingIP55
Electrical complianceCCC, PSE, CSA, EN, UL, and IEC compliant
Voltage220 V, 50 Hz, 10 A
Software designThree-level permissions, batch report export, and more

Part Number (PN) for Ordering:

NameFormPart NumberConfiguration
Single-use desktop mixing
system MX10
Stainless steel binDSMX0010L000With jacket
With load cell
With temperature probe
With motor
With control base
Single-use desktop mixing system MX20Stainless steel binDSMX0020L000With jacket
With load cell
With temperature probe
With motor
With control base

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